RAZBAM December update focuses on bug fixes

RAZBAM community manager ELMO has posted on the DCS World forums with a December update from the team. The update is focused almost entirely on bug fixes and enhancements to two of their released modules: the AV-8B and the M-2000C. Let’s have a look!

Fixes for Harrier and Mirage

December is all about bug fixes for RAZBAM and they have released a list of things being fixed in the next open beta update for both AV-8B and M-2000C. Let’s have a look at the changes coming to both of those modules:

– Don’t reset stick pitch position to centered when using keyboard commands to match behavior of other DCS aircraft
– SKID WCA no longer illuminates with parking brake engaged
– Aircraft will now taxi roll on idle power if brakes or parking brake is not applied or nozzle deflection is not used to control taxi speed
– Parking brake will now be engaged by default for all ground start missions
– Added F-14A to the RWR library
– Nozzle stop now moves in steps based on the lock locations
– Nozzle lever now will latch slightly around the hover stop to simulate hitting the hover stop
– Enabled show/hide VR body (and force stick and throttle visible when VR body enabled)
– Enabled mirrors clickable
– Enabled show/hide stick and throttle clickable
– Merged missing command definitions from keyboard to joystick
– Included Mission Route Plan page in the kneeboard.
– Bugifx: selected weapon box remains after store depleted
– Enabled: Mission Editor Waypoint Properties. Now it is possible to set a waypoint as target zone, IP and to define offsets

– Added F-14A to the RWR library
– Added F-14A to the RDI library
– Don’t reset stick pitch position to centered when using keyboard commands to match behavior of other DCS aircraft
– Bugfix: TDC waypoint range and bearing info display condition
– Bugfix: HSI knob decrease value
– Bugfix: ADI “pôle” mode not working on INS failure
– Bugfix: PRET keeps blinking after alignment is finished and INS is set to NAV
– Bugifx: INS decimal value
– Bugifx: INS short alignment
– Bugfix: INS off has no impact
– Update: HUD altitude display conditions
– Update: HUD RS arrow display conditions
– Fix: External 3D Model.
– SELH behaviour improved
– Added VTB heading tape indicator behaviour
– Fix TDC position should reset to range 7.9 and azimuth 0 when switching from search mode to scan
– fix HUD RS Arrow update

RAZBAM has also released a PDF detailing how their modules, starting with the AV-8B, will be making use of TTT and TOT features on the jet. Waypoint offsets and types will be able to be created in the mission builder and then input into the jet for more detailed flight planning.

That and the documentation for it are contained here on the DCS World forum.

MiG-19 flight model update and F-15E hints?

One member of the r/Hoggit group asked about a fix to the MiG-19’s angle of attack issues and RAZBAM_ELMO gave a response that gives us a hint on what they are working on and when they intend to work with the MiG-19.

The FM dev has been occupied elsewhere wink wink and they finally found a solution to the problem so it will be sorted soon worry not


It’s likely that the hint is that their programmer is working on the flight model for the F-15E as that is the module that is apparently furthest along. Their other projects are a bit further behind (such as the MiG-23 and various other announced aircraft). Meanwhile it’s good to know that they have researched some flight model issues with the MiG-19 and will be returning to it.

I’m guessing this will round out news from RAZBAM for the year. Look for more in 2021 from them particularly around their MiG-23MLA and F-15E projects (but also South Atlantic and more).


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Good stuff! Always happy when my Harrier gets some love. Thanks for the update.

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