Have a Reverb G2 and want better performance in DCS? This might help

I’ve seen quite a few discussions across the DCS World community over the last couple of weeks from HP Reverb owners who are trying to get better frame rates out of DCS World. With higher resolution, the Reverb G2 offers the best visual sharpness and the partial elimination of the so called “screen door effect.” But that sharpness and resolution comes with a price. This thread might help.

Tweaking DCS for performance

Eagle Dynamics community manager BIGNEWY posted a thread today and then shared it around the community with detailed specs of his PC and how he had configured it for best performance with the HP Reverb G2. His configuration is running at 90 fps in VR although it does drop to 45 fps in busy multiplayer scenarios. Those are very good numbers though they are coming from a powerful system. Nonetheless, others with similarly powerful systems are struggling to get the same numbers so power is one thing but software configuration is another.

BIGNEWY also shares his comments on the G2 and how it feels in DCS World, saying,

I am very pleased with the reverb G2 and feels like a big upgrade from my vive cosmos, and the Dell Visor I started VR with.

BIGNEWY on the DCS World forums

Read BIGNEWY’s thread here for some configuration tips that seem to be making a sometimes big difference for people around the community. A few of them might even help those playing on traditional screens too. Check the thread out.


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  1. harryvoyager says:

    Interesting. I’ve got the G1, but I’ll have to give some of those a try.

    Mastiff on the IL-2 forums also tracked this handy thing down:

    This seems to work in keeping WMR from spamming virtual monitors all over my system, and does seem to cut back on GPU load.

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    1. harryvoyager says:

      That said, I’m interested in seeing how the Decagear VR One actually turns out, and if it can shape up as a worthy alternative to the Reverb G2, if only because it’s supposed to be a SteamVR headset with the same resolution and a 72mm IPD (I’m a 71mm myself so neither Reverb quite fits me.)

      Could turn out to be a bomb, but the basic tech has been there for a while, just no-one has integrated it all into a single product.

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  2. PHANTOM1 says:

    Thanks for the post! Altering the render resolution alone brought my Pimax 5k+ up to full speed, with no more stutters. Only wish I would’ve thought to check that myself earlier. Either way, kudos, it’s in the little details.

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  3. Gretsch_Man says:

    While I don’t have a G2 (yet), I always appreciate any information about improving VR performance in DCS.

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  4. Blue 5 says:

    G2 is on the list – when I get one I’ll offer my RIFT to someone.

    I have seen various, but is their an equivalent guide for RIFT in DCS? In GB it is excellent (apart from weird clouds on some settings), but for DCS I get very mixed performance.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I haven’t seen one, that said, at least a few of these tips might help RIFT users as well.

      The broader issue is that DCS World’s engine struggles currently with VR. ED is aware as we’ve heard a fair bit about their efforts on a new engine and I expect we’ll learn more about this next year.

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  5. Shane says:

    With my 3080 I’ve used his settings for NVIDIA, but found a setting which works better for me. I leave the steam resolution settings at 100%(so 3000by3000ish.) This makes the gauges far, far sharper in plane, dropping to 50% resolution makes the headset look more like the Rift S in resolutions in cockpit. This however causes stuttering even when the frames are around 85. I then used the WMR rear projection mode turning it to Auto. That will keep the frames at a totaly solid 45fps. Honestly can’t tell the difference between the 45 and 85-90, but it looks way, way better and is completely rock solid. Zero stuttering, zero frame drops, just smooth flying. I just received both and have about 6 hours tinkering, but this is by far my best setup so far for great visuals and performance.


  6. neok says:

    I have an odd issue with my G2 and DCS. I get constant stutters even when dialing all setting to very low and SS at 20%. I cant pin it down. I have a 5950x and 3070, this should run much smoother. Anybody got an idea what this could be?


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