DCS: P-47 nears completion, new AAA guns for DCS World

Eagle Dynamics weekly newsletter is out and it’s got some details for a few different areas of the simulation including news that the DCS: P-47 is nearly complete and news that two additional AAA guns are coming to the sim in the future. Let’s have a look!

Eagle Dynamics P-47 Thunderbolt nearly ready

The latest aircraft to join the DCS WWII stable, the DCS: P-47 Thunderbolt, which entered into early access earlier in the year is nearly complete and should be leaving early access shortly. With the announcement today it sure sounds like we’ll be leaving early access (and the current early access discount) very soon. Here’s what the statement said:

Over the course of the Early Access period, we have been able to fine tune the unique hydraulics, oil, electrical systems, and flight model of the Jug.. We believe that this is our best World War II fighter to date and that it sets a new standard for all our future World War II aircraft.

DCS World Weekend News update

The update goes on to say that the DCS: P-47 was also instrumental in building the new high detail damage model that is now being rolled out to warbirds including both fighters and bombers. No doubt building the module from the ground up with those features in mind helped overall development.

For now, DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt is on for $39.99 USD but that will be going up to $49.99 USD soon. No date was given.

Read my first impressions review of the DCS: P-47 to get a sense of what this module was like earlier in the early access period. First impressions and review of the early access DCS: P-47.

New AAA for DCS World

Recently, Eagle Dynamics has been building out their slate of defensive flak and AAA guns for DCS World. Today we’ve seen two new guns, the ZSU-57-2 and the AZP S-60. Both saw serial production start in the late 1950’s and both are in use by countries in hot zones around the world. They will have both historical relevance as well as modern usage and so will help to add some variety to air defenses in a wide variety of DCS World scenarios.

Read the rest here on the DCS World Weekend News update.

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Hunting those twin 57s is going to be solid fun.

    Doing it in a Mosquito will be a riot.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Blue 5 says:

    1950s? That’s a little unfair! Poor Mossie!

    Liked by 2 people

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