IL-2 update 4.504 is out

The last big patch for IL-2: Great Battles in 2020 is here with patch 4.504 bringing with it some notable updates and improvements to the series. Lets have a look at some highlights!

From terrain to sound and damage model tweaks

The developers of IL-2: Great Battles have patch 4.504 landing with a long list of updates. This is the kind of patch that gets a little less attention because it doesn’t come with a headlining new aircraft or dramatic feature change – but it is still densely packed with a bunch of changes.

Take the terrain which, at low levels, now has more undulations and bumps that were calculated in the physics model but which are now visible on the ground. Ground rendering has improved over the year in a variety of ways and this is just one more that improves the look. Grass now bends when you fire the main gun on a tank now too – fantastic!

New effects such as the visibility range of large fires and smoke columns have been overhauled. You should see these from much further away now and they should also not disappear and reappear anymore – nice! That’s been bugging me for years.

The P-39L-1 now has a revised pilot model including USAAF and RAF pilot’s when that country’s skin has been selected.

Finally, sounds were adjusted including ram air effects, stall sounds, and a rebalancing of sounds all around the cockpit. I haven’t checked these out yet but I’m interested to see what it sounds like.

For these and more, visit the patch notes here and get your IL-2 launcher going so you can update the sim and see for yourself.

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