VKB teases new ‘Ultimate’ grip

VKB-Sim are teasing a new joystick grip that they are calling VKB. ULTIMATE in a teaser trailer released earlier today. The Ultimate appears to be an update of their Modern Combat Grip with some notable new features. Here’s what we know!

Metal grip for VKB

Undoubtedly plugging into their Gunfighter series of joystick bases, the new VKB. ULTIMATE or ‘VKB Modern Combat Grip Ultimate’ looks to be a follow up from their MCG grip. Based on the Sukhoi series of jet fighters, the grip always had ample hat controls and good ergonomics. But it sounds like VKB wants to take it to the next level with this stick with some key and notable different features advertised in the teaser:

  • They are advertising this as being a ‘full metal’ grip (although it’s not clear if that’s just the grip or the buttons too)
  • Made of a light and durable alloy
  • Soft rubber pad on the hand grip
  • ‘Increased load’ on the triggers and brake lever
  • Interchangeable hat/ministick configuration
  • Two programmable RGB LED’s

Check out the teaser below.

At the moment, VKB have not posted any further information although a date of December 23rd is referenced in the trailer. More on the 23rd!

And for those asking, no, still no word on VKB’s long awaited TECS throttle system. VKB reps have said they are still working on it but we haven’t seen anything beyond that. More when we learn about it!


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