Deka Ironwork adds TA mode to JF-17 radar

Flying low with the DCS: JF-17 is about to get easier as the team behind the DCS module, Deka Ironwork Simulations, are now adding a new ground mapping radar function called TA mode. Here’s what we know!

Low flying with radar assistance

The DCS: JF-17 has a full air to ground radar with plenty of functionality. New functionality is being unlocked thanks to an update that Deka Ironwork is planning to bring to DCS very soon. The new TA (I assume that means terrain avoidance) mode on the ground mapping portion of the radar.

Deka Ironwork describes the feature as allowing the pilot to set a margin between a ‘clean zone’ with a minimum altitude and a ceiling. The difference of which has 200 feet worth of depth. Here’s exactly what they had to say:

TA mode defines a clean zone with 200 feet depth. Pilot can set the margin between jf-17 and ceil of clean zone.

– Terrain elevation above the ceil of clean zone will be rendered in red,
– Yellow if terrain altitude within clean zone.

– Nothing will be rendered, if terrain elevation lower than floor of clean zone.All the area behind obstacle that LOS from radar is unavailable will also be rendered in red.

Deka Ironwork on Facebook

The note is accompanied by a short video also on posted on the Deka Ironwork Facebook page. More when we know it!


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