Baltic Dragon teases trio of new DCS campaigns

DCS World mission and campaign maker Baltic Dragon, well known for his portfolio of top notch campaigns, is teasing an ambitious plan for some new content to come next year (and beyond). Folks who enjoy single player content might want to keep an eye out on what’s being planned here because it sounds great!

Three new campaigns for three aircraft

High fidelity DCS World aircraf are one thing but having single player content for them really helps to make the difference between a good aircraft simulation and a good simulation overall and with a huge number of players never venturing into multiplayer in the first place, having a solid selection of campaigns makes all the difference.

Baltic Dragon’s happy holidays message contained this tidbit on plans for the new year:

As for my DCS plans, I am hoping to bring you three new campaigns: “Iron Flag” for the A-10C, “The Gamblers” for the F-16 and a new one for the Hornet, which will be announced soon.

Baltic Dragon’s Facebook page

Iron Flag and The Gamblers have been previously announced (although I don’t think I’ve covered them here) but the new one for the Hornet is new and a bit of a mystery although it seems plausible that it may be a follow on to the successful Raven One campaign.

As for The Gamblers, we do have some details (information released in late September) on what the campaign will look like.

For this one we are teaming up with John ‘Rain” Waters, former F-16 Demo pilot and author of the “Afterburn” podcast. John flew combat missions in the very region made recently available to DCS players and agreed to help recreate some of the most interesting sorties flown by him and his fellow pilots from the 77th Fighter Squadron. Throughout the 15 missions included in the campaign, you can expect the highest level of fidelity, realism and attention to detail when it comes to briefings, radio comms, procedures and supporting documents.

Baltic Dragon’s Facebook page

Sounds like a great partnership, a good idea for a campaign, and one that should help make both the F-16C and the DCS: Syria map a standout option for players in the future.

I look forward to all of that in the future. For now, visit Baltic Dragon on his Facebook page.


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