Aerosoft delays CRJ for MSFS, releases teaser trailer

With just one day left in 2020, it seemed unlikely that Aerosoft would be delivering the CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator and we have news from the developers that the aircraft needs more time in development to get it to a level that they are comfortable releasing it at. Here’s what we know!

Delayed until 2021

Although this will surely disappoint some, the news of a brief delay on a new flight sim aircraft is usually one of a prudent nature as the developer works to crush more bugs and improve the quality of the release. And that is exactly what Aerosoft are saying with their statement today.

We made a really tough decision to postpone the CRJ release into the first quarter of next year. This decision wasn’t easy for us, because we know how much anticipation there is in the community for this add-on.

We have decided to do so, because we want to deliver a CRJ that meets all expectations, but we have not reached this level yet. We need more time for the development and beta testing. We hope the additional time allows us to complete the necessary work to provide the highest quality and the best possible experience for you right from the start.

Mathijs Kok on the Aerosoft forum

The news is counterbalanced by a nice teaser trailer that shows off the new CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator at it’s best.

Look for the CRJ to come from Aerosoft sometime in Q1 2021.


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  1. Carlos says:

    Thanks for taking your time to give us a product that if you are satisfied with it we will be very happy so far so good. A request. For the near future how about a MD90 and 757 200?
    Once again Thanks


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