Cold war turns hot in DCS: F-14 campaign ‘Operation Reforger’

The first of three included single player campaigns for the DCS: F-14 is out and available for play on both DCS World open beta and public release versions. Operation Reforger: The Iron Heel is a fictional campaign that turns the cold war hot and puts you on the deck of a carrier in the DCS: F-14.

Available now

Heatblur has released a trailer to hype the new campaign and consider myself hyped because this looks great! The trailer comes with a short message from Heatblur.

Enjoy the first of three included F-14 Campaigns in the DCS: F-14 package. Now available in the latest Open Beta and Stable releases of DCS is Operation Reforger: The Iron Heel — a fictional take on a cold war gone hot. Enjoy, and make sure to tell us what you think!

I look forward to playing this in the new year!

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  1. Ill be honest, i forgot that these were part of the package we purchased back when we bought heatblur’s module. its pretty awesome how theyve followed-through.


    1. ClannK says:

      NGL, i’d be a lot more satisfied if they’d released Forrestal by now…

      but then, i’m one of those guys who doesn’t much care about the A model (other than the IRIAF version so we have some Full Fidelity OpFor).


  2. ClannK says:

    Somehow we’ve got to get the word out that it’s actually “ReForGer”: Return of Forces to Germany – an IRL recurring NATO exercise from the bad old days 🙂


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