DCS: F/A-18 to get shared target designation system

If you’ve ever been flying the F/A-18C in a group in DCS and wanted to know what targets everyone was shooting at, your hopes have been answered! TXDSG is coming to the Hornet in the next patch and it will have applications for both air and ground targets. This new video from Matt Wagner shows off the feature in action.

Sharing targets with TXDSG

The latest video is a demonstration by Eagle Dynamics’ Matt Wagner showing off TXDSG in action using both air and ground targets to show off what the feature is like. Passing information through Link 16, data is shared among F/A-18’s in this demo with both air and targets being indicated by a line on the situational awareness (SA) page.

This video once again shows off the new clouds in action. Looking forward to both the new feature and these clouds.


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  1. Mk.82 says:

    ED is not going to implement the target sharing system. Instead they offer only the target show system.


    In reality the target sharing system allows Link-16 users to not just see where others are, and where their system designated targets points are at, but anyone can use that generated target as their designation and get their sensors and system designation on same place.

    In the SA page you would be able move that TDC on the others designations and lock to it, making it your system target. You should go and drop a bomb there, or see it position in your JHMCS and you could slave your TPOD on that same position.

    But ED is not going to allow that. You can not hook on others targets. You can only see in your SA page that one has red line somewhere and that’s it.

    So no targeting data is shared, just shown.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Is it confirmed that ED is not implementing or is that the supposition at this point? That is an interesting difference although my enthusiasm for how useful this feature will be for me and the folks I regularly fly with remains undiminished.


    2. Eviscerador says:

      Considering you can already do that on the A10C warthog since forever, I don’t see why they wouldn’t add it on the hornet IF it is that way on real life.

      The tech is already there, they can do it. It will be a matter of adding another layer to the SA display.

      If I’m mistaken, please provide source for your statement.

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  2. Blue 5 says:

    Flew the Hornet online for the first time in ages and a friend gave me a quick walk-through of the new data-linking systems which seems extremely useful. Downside is I now need a few hours spare to peruse the tutorials and practice.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It can be tough to stay current especially while things are changing. We’ve seen a lot of new features added to the Hornet recently. It’s getting pretty close to being “complete” which is nice. A few more major features to go and some items coming down the piper later.

      It looks like ED will declare F/A-18C released somewhere in the next two-three months.


      1. Blue 5 says:

        It’s a great module – arguably the most capable fighter at present

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