IL-2 winter sale includes 35% off Tank Crew, Hurricane

Jason Williams announced today that the IL-2 Winter 2.0 Sale has begun and it comes with some great discounts on all kinds of aircraft, campaigns, and it even includes Tank Crew and the Hurricane Mark II. Here’s what’s on sale!

Tank Crew and Hurricane Mark II on sale for 35% off!

For everyone who read my recently released Tank Crew review and thought that it’d be something interesting to purchase but wanted to wait for a small discount before jumping in, how does 35% off the regular price sound? That’s one of the highlights of the new winter sale along with the 35% off the Hurricane Mark II price. This aircraft is now easily one of my most favoured in the sim and is very flexible as both fighter and attack aircraft (including anti-tank operations) in the early war period.

The rest of the series is on sale for anything up to 85% off in some cases. Check out the full list of items on sale here. The Winter 2.0 Sale runs from 10:00am PST January 22nd to 10:00am PST February 5th in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on STEAM.

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