Fw190A-6 and new decals focus of IL-2 update

We have this week’s developer diary update from the 1CGS team and for the second week in a row we have a focus on the Battle of Normandy title that is in development right now. Two features are the focus of this week’s update including some new information on the Fw190A-6 including some interesting notes on the types of upgrades available and a sneak peek at a new feature that will let us put squadron letters and numbers on the sides of aircraft. Let’s have a look!

Fitting the Fw190A-6 in

Of the aircraft on the list coming for Battle of Normandy, the Bf109G-6 Late and Fw190A-6 are perhaps the least interesting as we have ample versions already in the sim. That said, I maintain my appreciation for representing key types and making the sim accessible to those who may own just a single battle. The A-6 variant was key for Normandy operations and we’re getting more than just a stock Fw190A-6.

Today we’ve learned that we’ll also be getting the G-3 (standard jabo variant), G-3/R5 with underwing SC50 racks, and the A6/R2 Sturmjager. It’s this last one I want to focus on because the A-6/R2 was equipped to fight heavy bombers. It’s likely not an indication of heavy bombers coming to the sim just yet (although those new B-26 AI aircraft aren’t going to intercept themselves) but it is an indication of an interesting modification that put MK108 30mm cannons in the outboard wing positions. Combine the sharper handling A-6 with these MK108’s and we may have another situation like the Bf109G-6 Late where we have an interesting mix of capabilities that finds a kind of sweet spot in the series. We’ll have to see if that ends up being the case.

In the meantime… screenshots!

New decal system?

The update also comes with three screenshots and a somewhat cryptic remark about something that the team is working on that will improve all Great Battles series titles. That said, the screenshots do tell pretty much the whole story as it appears that 1CGS has finally found some time to incorporate a decal system into the sim.

All I can say is that these look great, they will be very useful to have, and I’m very curious to see how much customization will be available. I’m sure they won’t be able to cover every situation or scenario but even some amount of flexibility will give each and every plane with default markings a bit of individuality. Nice!

For all of this, check out the latest developer update.


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  1. bigalrico says:

    A very surprising as well as very welcome update I would say.

    As for the 190, quite the opposite! I’ve been eagerly awaiting it and the (this time not omitted) bulletproof glass windows nicknamed “blinders” make me all the more happy. However, I don’t think we’ll see the 30mm on her, as I think it was only projected but never used (though I could be wrong, of course). And it comes already in the next update! 😀

    The decals are a great thing, if implemented correctly of course 😀 I hope that this feature will also work for custom skins, because that would simplify a lot. Even if it would mean in the worst case a small change of the previous skins (in our squadron). A luck that I’m not a skinner ^^

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      On the issue of Mk108’s… whenever I look that up there’s an indication that this version had Mk108’s. I know sometimes the information on these charts is wrong and gets reprinted over and over. Any sources either way I can dig into?

      The armoured blinders look interesting too!

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      1. bigalrico says:

        In the book “Focke Wulf Jagdflugzeug. Fw 190 A Fw 190 “Dora” Ta 152 H” by Peter Rodeike, he describes that the R2 armament set was never used. He also refers in a footnote to the fact that there was only one prototype, the V51, a Fw 190 A6 with WNr.530765 which was brought to Kassel in the fall of 1943 for prototype installation. In addition I have never seen a single A6 with the 3 cm guns, neither in his publication nor in any other, even when this is repeatedly reported on various pages and books (as you already wrote).
        Don’t get me wrong I would love to have them, but there is no real indication that they were in a single service aircraft. It’s like with the 20mm gunpods that the A5 have. There are some document that suggest that this was wanted modification for the A6 but besides those paper’s (and the later canceling of the order for the gunpods) there is no evidence that they were issued to A6 units.

        I’m already quite happy with the modifications (and I’m pretty sure they also added the Wfrgr. 21 to the A6’s mods). So we already have a nice mix between the A5 & A8 modifications 😀


      2. Blue 5 says:

        There is an R-8 listed which was also supposed to have the 108s but the Luftwaffe had such a host of mods it is possible that a few saw service without much evidence. But 99% were 4 x 151s, which is good armament (personally I would have binned the MGs) for weight

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  2. Percy Danvers says:

    I don’t want to be excessively hyped about something we don’t know the details on, but customizable board numbers and decals would be simply amazing to have in BoX. One of the few things WWII DCS has over IL-2 is the ability to do this, and as simple as it seems it makes the plane feel a lot more personal.

    As someone who collects Osprey model painting guides I can only fantasize about what it would be like to be able to apply specific Geschwader, Gruppe and Staffel markings for the LW aircraft.

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  3. sunrrrise says:

    New decals?! Finally!!!

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  4. Blue 5 says:

    I always thought that the A-6 was the best one, like the Spit Mk. VIII.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah it’s very likely going to occupy a good middle ground between versions. I’m going to enjoy flying it.


  5. Det says:

    This is something (decals) that’s really been needed for a long time. Hopefully they’ll find a way to randomize them on the AI as well.

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  6. Det says:


    Update from Jason below. Not really sure how this is going to work with the method they’ve discovered.

    “The codes work with the bump texture. The engine was never designed to support this, but the team, namely Sergey, Mike and Daniel found a way. This is something that has to be designed to be included from the start as it affects all the models etc. Any next-gen product we make, will have this in the design from the start so it would be even more flexible than what we’ve come up with.

    It won’t be ready for a while as we need to modify all planes and tanks to work with them, so please be patient. Maybe not until the end of the year. This was just a tease since we are pleased with the outcome. And once again, this solution was an offshoot due to working on tanks.



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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Cool! Yeah I saw this earlier. Sounds like it’ll be a wait but worth it!


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