TeamFusion releases patch 016 for Desert Wings – Tobruk

The latest patch for Desert Wings – Tobruk, part of the IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover series, is now out and it comes with another small but consequential list of updates. Here’s what’s in the update!

Patch notes for 016

Here’s what Team Fusion has added to the latest patch including some updates to where the manuals are displayed in the menu, some updates to the Tobruk map, and some squadron skin updates.

Patch notes

  • Loop Antenna now functional on BR-20.
  • Menu ‘Manuals’ moved to ‘Main’ page (formerly in ‘Extras’).
  • Hints to Manuals and Joystick-Wizard on “Enter” page
  • Updated French localization
  • Tobruk Map: Added small rocks to desert patterns.
  • Tobruk Map: Smoothed inner desert LGs.
  • 303_SQN_1.jpg and 303_SQN_2.jpg updated with a more accurate version of the No. 303 SQN emblem.
  • August Attrition No. 303 SQN.jpg updated to reflect updated skins.
  • Southampton Blitz briefing fixed so that squadron-specific slides will now work as intended.

For more, read the notes on the ATAG forums here.


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