IL-2 Combat Box server introduces new voice recognition system

Looking for a little more immersion with your IL-2 multiplayer session? Combat Box, one of the series more popular servers, has introduced a new voice recognition system that lets you combine your IL-2 multiplayer and SRS radio communications together. Let’s have a look at what they are up to!

Immersive radio experience

In a post last weekend, Alonzo from the RedFlight Combat Box team announced a new feature enhancement for their server. The feature enables voice recognition software on their SRS (Simple Radio Standalone) channels so that you can interact with a ground controller to do things such as get a new mission, find out about the closest enemy contacts, and get a bearing to a friendly airfield.

For the DCS pilots out there who have been on the Hoggit servers, this is similar to Overlord Bot.

The system taps into the already present radio communications on the server that gives tower and command information. Here’s a list of the commands:

  • Speech recognition is active on channels 1 and 2 only, and the bot will pause to let other speak first. There might be a delay in some responses.
  • “Request radio check” or “Comms check” should get the bot to respond to you. If you already have a call-sign assigned, it will use that when replying.
  • “Tower, request call sign” will assign you a call sign for the duration of the mission. You can’t request a specific one (yet). If you don’t yet have a call sign, the bot won’t give you useful mission suggestions later. You can always request a call sign again, and it will remind you if you already have one. Please try to use channel 2 for callsign setup — the call signs are remembered across the two channels and it keeps channel 1 clear for more important comms.
  • “Command, this is Voodoo 5 in grid 1215” will let the bot know where you are. If there is action nearby, it will direct you to it. You can say “grid eleven ten” or “grid one one one zero” as you prefer.
  • “Control, this is Wizard Two in grid 2025, request mission” will make the bot try harder to find you a nearby mission.
  • “Command, this is Grizzly Four in grid 1017, request vector home” or “Control, this is Jackal-3 in grid 2311 I need a bearing to airfield” will ask the bot for a bearing to the nearest friendly field based on your location.
  • If you’re Allied, you can use Longbow and Kenway to address the bot, if you prefer. If you’re Axis, just Command and Control for now. On the airfield frequency you can also use Tower and Airfield.

Want to hear it in action? Check out this video!

For more, visit the Combat Box thread on the IL-2 forums OR log in to IL-2 multiplayer and visit the Combat Box server.

If you want to help out Combat Box by providing speech samples that will enable the voice recognition system to get better, check out this information from Alonzo.

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  1. Eggnog says:

    Awesome! Man they’re getting creative. Creating their own “Air Marshall” before we get that officially.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s really good! I’m glad to see this coming along and doing some really cool things.


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