Just Flight adds Turbo Arrow III, IV to soon to release PA-28 project

Aircraft developer and publisher Just Flight has dropped some new screenshots onto their Facebook and Twitter pages today with a look at new variants of their PA-28 Arrow project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new screenshots show off both the Turbo Arrow III and the Arrow IV. Let’s have a look at what was released!

Turbo Arrow III and IV coming to MSFS

If you were hoping for a little more spunk to go with Just Flight’s upcoming PA-28R Arrow III project, these new screenshots should offer up some added interest to you. Showing both cockpits and exterior models of the PA-28 Turbo Arrow III, this 200hp turbocharged Continental TSIO-360-F engine should give the aircraft added altitude performance. An Arrow IV is also showed off with its signature T-tail configuration.

According to Just Flight, these variants of the PA-28 will come after the initial PA-28R Arrow III release for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Arrow III release date

Meanwhile, the comments section of Just Flight’s Twitter feed has revealed that the PA-28 Arrow III project itself is nearly ready to go. In this post on Twitter, Just Flight indicates that the aircraft should be ready for release in the next week or two.

Just Flight’s prior PA-28 projects have been considered widely successful releases for other simulators and so I’m very interested to see what they are able to offer us in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

For more information, follow Just Flight on Twitter, Facebook, and at their website.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Splash says:

    Are those aircrafts study sims or more like Carenado ones?


    1. Splash says:

      I’m hesitating if waiting for this one or buy Piaggio/Focke Wulf P149D from AT Simulations: https://atsimulations.com/focke-wulf-149-msfs


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I’ve heard very good thing about the P.149D. It’s on my list to eventually get and review.


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That might depend on your definition of study level. For some that only extends to modules with persistence in systems and maintenance.

      We don’t know yet what level this will be at. I think Carenado’s have been decently detailed if not quite study level. Will Just Flight push it a level further? I’m not sure yet.


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