IndiaFoxTecho’s update on DCS: MB-339 and T-45C for MSFS

We have a couple of updates from third party aircraft creator IndiaFoxTecho on a couple of their projects including new screenshots of the T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator and the DCS: MB-339. Let’s have a look!

MB-339 progress

Efforts on the DCS: MB-339 are well underway and today’s update from IndiaFoxTecho focuses in on just a few updates to the development work as well as several new screenshots showing off the jet in progress.

Among the updates are visual tweaks to the exterior model as well as an update telling us that the team has completed work on damage, hydraulic and electrical simulation. They also report that they have moved on to other aspects of the simulation but that it will take time to complete as they need to be created from scratch.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator version of the MB-339 is also going to get an update soon. The updates include some minor fixes although the update is unspecific on which.

T-45C goes to beta

Another exciting jet from IndiaFoxTecho is the T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest screenshots show the jet at NAS Key West (a third party airport in development) and even a few of the liveries that the jet will come with.

The update from IndiaFoxTech says that the jet is now in beta and has been sent out to a select number of testers. IndiaFoxTech anticipates that the jet should be ready to release around March 1st.

For all of this and more, check out IndiaFoxTech on Facebook or on their blog.

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  1. Dmitriy Kozyrev says:

    We need Goshawk in DCS – not in MSFS, where it will be crippled by the incomplete SDK and other shortcomings of the platform 😦


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Dmitriy,

      I’d love to see a DCS: T-45 Goshawk.

      What is crippling aircraft in the MSFS SDK? IndiaFoxTecho’s MB-339 is widely considered a solid aircraft in that sim even with the “lite” version that they have released so far.


      1. Dmitriy Kozyrev says:

        It seems that the Goshawk in MSFS will also be the “lite” version. No carrier ops, no complex damage model & failures, simplified flight model (compared to DCS), simplified avionics (does MSFS even has TACANs and other stuff?) and so on.

        I’m not saying it will be a bad model. But it will, most likely, be a nerfed model – compared to what it could’ve been in DCS. Bringing a dedicated military trainer into a civilian simulator feels odd to me.


      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        You’re correct that it will be a lite version. The devs have stated that the MB-339 will be their first full fidelity MSFS model but that it will be happening later.

        The reason for their starting in MSFS is pretty straightforward. It’s an easy sim to develop for and it means being able to get your jet out to a market that is eight or more times the size. The MB-339 is considered to be well done (I haven’t flown it yet) compared to some of the other military offerings out there.

        No carrier ops in MSFS right now, there is no damage model (it’s not that kind of sim) and TACAN is a more accurate version of VOR of which there are hundreds of thousands of stations. As for flight model, DCS’ EFM/PFM system is very impressive but MSFS’ system seems to allow for much more rapid development. MSFS’ weather/flight model modeling is far in advance of DCS.

        Think of the DCS implementation as a passion project and one that requires a lot of extra work and resources to be put into it. The MSFS releases will help keep the lights on.

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    2. ClannK says:

      Came here to say the same about DCS, especially since Naval Aviation is such a big part of the game now.

      It’s a real shame VEAO quit DCS and left an unflyable Hawk behind. Would’ve been a natural starting place for the T-45…

      the good news is that there IS actually a DCS Goshawk project underway, a la the Skyhawk. And it’s proceeded to the point of flyable aircraft – hopefully they will release in the near future.

      As far as MSFS, it’s coming along nicely, considering it was literally just released. PLENTY of addons in FSX/P3D are similarly “crippled”, too – and not by sim limitations.

      If the MB-339 for MSFS is any indication, the T-45 will be quite a satisfying model to spend time flying, and it’ll easily take the place of the MB-339 for my purposes.

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  2. harryvoyager says:

    I’m hoping we can seen the T-45 in both MFSF2020 and DCS.

    I’ve always felt that jet trainers are a bit limited in a DCS environment and generally offer more in a civilian flight sim context, but, with the Goshawk being carrier capable, it can *really* bridge a gap in the DCS learning curve.

    Honestly, I think Eagle Dynamics would be well served by contracting them to make one or more of the jet trainers a Free Module, like the TF-51D or the Frogfoot, but I feel the T-45 would offer the most of all potential jet trainers.

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  3. Urgent Siesta says:

    I’m not really sure I’ll go for DCS MB-339, as I have the C-101 and L-39 and rarely fly them (though I like them a LOT – esp the 101). Probably will wait until it goes to 50%-off sale, and just to support IFT and DCS.

    MSFS T-45, though, is a Day 1 buy for me, as the MSFS MB-339 has been quite nice.

    I’ll also get NAS Key West as Home Base, for sure!

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