Flight Simulator Sim Update 3 is out!

Released early yesterday, Microsoft Flight Simulator has received Sim Update 3 which is the latest in a series of feature updates and bug fixes. Here are some highlights and details contained within the latest update.

Bugs fixed, features added

Here are some of the highlights from the latest update:

  • Kenmore, Emerald Gold, Global Freightways, Orbit, Pacifica and World Travel liveries for “appropriate planes.” These are FSX schemes that have been brought forward to the new sim.
  • Contrails on player aircraft now supported (not for multiplayer aircraft or AI just yet)
  • A number of issues affecting the VS (vertical speed) control on aircraft have been resolved
  • A320neo now has VOR/ADF FMA adaptability opening up additional navigation parameters for the aircraft
  • Plenty of tweaks to the Beachcraft G58 and G36 engine and mixture controls
  • Wind panel UI has been updated

These are just a few of the hundred plus updates that are incorporated into World Update 3. As always, I’m pleased to see fixes and changes that help improve and expand the sim experience. Not all of these will matter to you but across the board it represents an effort to keep improving the sim. From the generic crash fixes to ensuring that aircraft have more features and functionalities added. There’s still many items on my list that I’d like to see updated or resolved but we are getting there.

Asobo Studios have posted the full release notes for aka Sim Update 3 on the MicrosoftFlightSimulator.com website.


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