Working Title becomes a developer for MSFS

Another announcement happened today and it should be a very interesting one for fans of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The mod team, Working Title, which has been best known for their CJ4 upgrade mod and their work on Garmin avionics in the sim, is now an official contractor for Microsoft Flight Simulator and will be bringing their expertise to the sim.

Announcement and FAQ

The news was broken on the latest Asobo Q&A and was then spread quickly around the community. A post on Reddit caught my attention and it was attended to by one of the members of Working Title who are now calling themselves Working Title Simulations.

Here is a little about what they had to say in their statement:

Over the coming weeks, our previously volunteer core development team will be transitioning into full-time roles with Working Title Simulations, where we will be working with Microsoft, Asobo and the other great partners on this amazing platform. We hope that our team’s software development and aviation experience can help drive the already fantastic progress on the Flight Simulator platform.

The goal of the team, according to their Q&A, will be transitioning from being a mod team to a full developer and will be working closely with Asobo Studios to bring their updates to aircraft such as the CJ4 into the sim. They are also planning to bring their updates to the Garmin series of avionics packages into the sim to.

This sounds like great news as many are already using the CJ4 mod and are very happy with the enhancements that the team has made to that aircraft. This also may open the door to other collaborations with other teams. Fly By Wire is widely expected to release a significant update on their own aircraft project, the A380, soon and may yet become a full developer for Microsoft Flight Simulator at some point. Could they also join into a similar agreement or find another way for their A320neo to become part of the base simulation? We’ll see!

Read the statement from Working Title Simulations here, and check out their FAQ right here.

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