New HARM position modes for DCS: F-16C

It feels like a long time since Matt Wagner from Eagle Dynamics took to YouTube and gave us a new tutorial but the day is here and his latest video details new HARM position modes for the DCS: F-16C. Let’s have a look!

New modes for AGM-88 HARM

The Equation of Motion (EOM) and Pre-Briefed (PB) submodes allow for the F-16C to configure and fire a HARM missile at a target area even when the SAM isn’t transmitting with a couple of different parameters.

PB enables you to target a SPI waypoint and fire on the target while EOM allows you to engage from off angle enabling you to engage a target. EOM can even work if it was a 180 degrees behind you (given enough missile energy).

I suspect this also signals that Eagle Dynamics efforts to ramp up development on the F-16C may be beginning with this and other features that have been recently talked about. These new modes combined with new weapons such as the JDAM and JSOW are going to dramatically increase the F-16’s capability and flexibility. It’ll be nice to see these come together.

As for these new modes and their arrival date, we don’t know and Matt Wagner gave no indication, however, it’s possible and maybe even likely that they will come together with quite a few other new features in the forthcoming DCS World 2.7 release. And that may be just weeks away from release.

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  1. Blue 5 says:

    F-16 HARM proceedures are a royal PITA. In fact, most of the HMI is terrible!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m hoping the HTS will make it a lot easier to operate. It’s workable but not as nice or easy as the Hornet.


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