FlyByWire’s In The Hangar series reveals A380 cockpit, A320 update

Microsoft Flight Simulator developer FlyByWire has become best known for taking the basic A320neo from MSFS and turned it into an ever improving and more detailed simulation of the popular airliner. They also announced plans that they would be building their own freeware A380 as well and in their latest ‘In the Hangar’ update we got a really good look at how the cockpit of this new airliner is coming along. Let’s have a look!

In the Hangar with the A380

Cutting straight to the chase, FlyByWire has been busy taking their mod team and turning themselves into a developer in their own right. Modifying the A320neo was just the start as the team has picked up artists and modelers and they have set about creating a detailed simulation the A380.

The team has remarked on comments on YouTube and Reddit that the A380 does share some systems and familiarity with the A320neo which makes their job a bit easier but it’s still a big daunting task ahead of them. Still, they seem to have made impressive progress already. Check these work in progress screenshots out (and note that they are not yet textured).

It’s just a start but it’s already at an impressive level and it’ll be interesting to see how that developers.

A32Nx EFB updates

Meanwhile, the bread and butter from FlyByWire is the A32Nx project which has been aimed at improving the default A320neo up to a much higher level of simulation. Their developers are working on everything from systems updates, deep electrical simulation, and new features like the EFB which puts a tablet in the cockpit ready to be interacted with for added flight information.

A couple of screenshots of the latest tablet updates are now available.

Once again, that’s looking great!

Listen in on the latest episode of ‘In the Hangar’ from FBW to find out everything that the team are up to!


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