Microsoft is looking for 300 to test World Update IV

The latest update to Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming mid April and in the meantime they are looking for 300 virtual pilots to help them test World Update IV. Here’s what we know and what else is on the roadmap over the next few weeks.

France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

Asobo Studios is looking to tap the immense testing potential of the community by preparing a special test build of World Update IV in anticipation of the launch later this month. In their developer update posted earlier today, the call was made to sign-up 300 people to help them test.

In our continued efforts to provide the best experience for our community we are looking for 300 individuals to help us test an upcoming World Update IV. As part of this test your participation will help our team gather valuable information prior to launching the next world update to the general public. We plan to open for signups tomorrow at 8am PDT. Check back here at that time for instructions and more information on how to participate!

Flight Simulator April 1 development update

If you’re interested, check back on the website for the sign-up.

The road ahead

We’re nearing the end of the current roadmap for Flight Simulator with their plans from January 2021 all the way until the end of April laid out. The latest update to the roadmap now fully reveals the plans for the month.

Notably, on April 15, Asobo Studio plans to release World Update IV: France and Benelux which will update a significant portion of Western Europe. We know from past Q&A’s that the update will include about 100 new POI’s, new procedural buildings and Paris and Amsterdam photogrammetry. More features, particularly photogrammetry, may be on the list but this we have confirmation on.

A trailer will be released at launch as well so look for that!

For all of this and more, visit the latest Developer Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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