1CGS shows off Nieuport N.28, paratroopers

We have our first look at a Flying Circus Vol 2 aircraft in the form of the Nieuport 28! The aircraft is in development and on its way towards being made a flyable type in a future patch. We also got a look at the 3D model for U.S. paratroopers coming for IL-2: Battle of Normandy.

Nieuport 28 surfaces

It’s our first look at an aircraft for Flying Circus Vol 2 and it looks like it’s already nearly complete.

This is the Nieuport N.28, a development in the famous series of Nieuport bi-plane fighters from WWI. When it became clear that the Nieuport N.17 was increasingly falling behind versus the newest German fighters coming onto the front lines, the French aircraft maker created this new version. With the SPAD XIII already fulfilling the requirements of the French squadrons on the frontlines, the N.28 was considered surplus and was offered instead to the American Expeditionary Force which had a desperate need for new fighters.

1CGS is building this aircraft together with Ugra Media and are currently in the process of working on the damage model and adding the new dynamic vehicle damage technology to the aircraft. It already has the new tactical codes present on the aircraft which is exciting!

Paratroopers for Normandy

This week we also get our first look at the 3D model for the U.S. Army paratrooper. These soldiers were an essential part of the Normandy invasion and will be deployable from the C-47 AI aircraft.

Makes me want the C-47 to become a flyable type just a little bit more…

For all of this and more, visit the latest IL-2 developer diary!

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  1. Blue 5 says:

    Still on the side-lines regarding FC.2. I like in principle the idea but…nothing about it grabs me. If it had gone back to 1916 or focused on the more interesting and difficult aircraft then perhaps but as of now it feels like another load of seen-it-all-before.

    Am sure it will be excellent and N.28 is something of a forgotten warhorse, but so far a little less than inspiring as a purchase.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Aww really? Nothing jumps out? I saw the Handley Page and the Gotha and figured that was exciting enough. As much as I know you and several others want to see the Eindecker and D.H.2, the logic of Vol 2 is extremely sound as we’re getting 10 more planes that fit into the already released 10 aircraft.

      I’m told too that these are among the most popular types in Rise of Flight. So… 20 aircraft, sharing a similar time period, that are among the best sellers in Rise of Flight? That makes a lot of sense. If they went with 1916 they wouldn’t integrate well with or boost the profile of the types already done. That’s something that I can see happening in Vol 3 and 4.


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