Flight sim news round-up for April 10

There’s a lot of news flying around these days and here are some key stories that jumped out at me over the last several days that you might want to know about.

JustFlight working on a BAe 146 for X-Plane

They are calling it the 146 Professional and its a new regional airliner for X-Plane 11 being developed with JustFlight. The work is being done in partnership with Thranda Design who are among the top X-Plane developers so this has definitely caught the eye of more than a few interesting X-Plane pilots.

The latest video shows off exterior and cockpit views and shows close-ups of the systems in operation as well as the sound work as exists. The type will ship with an X-Plane FMC to begin with with a custom coded one planned for post release.

Learn more about the development here or watch the video below.

Jasta5 Spring Offensive Underway

Many Flying Circus Vol 1 pilots are taking part in a multi-week multiplayer event replicating the Spring 1918 offensive. The events kicked off on Saturday and each subsequent Saturday will see the campaign evolve.

JG1_Hotlead has some streamed video from the first day. Check it out!

RAZBAM updates

It’s mostly quiet on the RAZBAM front but Ron Zambrano, their CEO, has been tweeting a few new development images of the IA 58 Pucará.

And a few new shots of the A-29 Super Tucano in progress.

Both have a ways to go but they are nonetheless progressing bit by bit.

Aeroplane Heaven show off avionics for their P-51

Aeroplane Heaven are working on their slate of warbirds for Microsoft Flight Simulator and the upcoming P-51 Mustang will be receiving an optional unit that will add a G1000 experience into the cockpit of the aircraft. Sacrilege for some, the reality is that there are some warbirds in operation with more advanced avionics (though none with the G1000 that I know about) so if you want that experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator, this will be available.

Aeroplane Heaven is also on record that they will offer a historical cockpit option too.

Check out the details here.

Top Gun Maverick delayed to November

Not flight sim news but probably of great interest to many of you out there, Top Gun Maverick, the sequel to the now classic Top Gun movie of the 1980’s has been delayed again. It was originally supposed to come to screens in summer 2020 but the pandemic helped put that off. Then it was slated to come early this year but that has once again been pushed off in favour of a November 19 release.

Paramount is no doubt hoping (even banking) on the pandemic being over by then and normal live resuming enough to pack movie theaters.


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