World Update IV: France/Benelux is out!

Fly into the skies of France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg in the latest update to Microsoft Flight Simulator with World Update IV. The patch is now available and we have the full list of POI’s that you can visit as well as a shiny new trailer to enjoy while you wait for the download. Let’s have a look!

The heart of western Europe

Western Europe already looked pretty good when I did my last couple of flights in the area so I’m excited to see what Asobo Studios has prepared for this latest World Update. A long list of points of interest, enhanced imagery, photogrammetry for Paris and Amsterdam and visual updates for over 100 airports (including 3 that receive the high quality hand crafted treatment).

In the heart of Western Europe, embrace the spirit of another age intermingled with modern influences and sensibilities as you explore a wealth of sights on display — from seaside communities to urban centers, idyllic vineyards to epic mountain ranges and world-famous resort towns — all of which now feature stunning upgrades and visual enhancements.

Also worth mentioning that the update adds some additional points of interest in places like Saint Pierre off the coast of Newfoundland and in French Guiana on the north eastern side of South America.

Here’s the absolutely massive list of POI’s that ship with the new update:

Abbey Church of Saint-SavinFrance
Amiens CathedralFrance
Basilica of Notre-Dame de FourvièreFrance
Basilica of Our Lady of La SaletteFrance
Basilica of the Sacred HeartBelgium
Bourges CathedralFrance
Cathedral of Our Lady AntwerpBelgium
Chartres CathedralFrance
Church of Our Lady BrugesBelgium
Notre-Dame de la GardeFrance
Notre-Dame de ParisFrance
Oude Kerk AmsterdamNetherlands
Reims CathedralFrance
Strasbourg CathedralFrance
Tournai CathedralBelgium
Vézelay AbbeyFrance
Erasmus BridgeNetherlands
Pont de NormandieFrance
Pont de WandreBelgium
Python BridgeNetherlands
Saint-Nazaire BridgeFrance
Afsluitdijk (Dam)Netherlands
Arc de TriompheFrance
Arles Monuments (multiple)France
Avenue des Champs-ÉlyséesFrance
Belfry of BrugesBelgium
Cairn of BarnenezFrance
Canadian National Vimy MemorialFrance
Caserne Loubere + LighthouseFrench Guiana
Château de ChenonceauFrance
Château de CostaérèsFrance
Château de PierrefondsFrance
Château de QuéribusFrance
Château de Vaux le VicomteFrance
Château du Haut-KœnigsbourgFrance
Citadel of LilleFrance
Citadel of NamurBelgium
Cordouan LighthouseFrance
Douaumont OssuaryFrance
Dreyfus TowerFrench Guiana
Dune of PilatFrance
Etretat Chalk ComplexFrance
Fort BoyardFrance
Fort Napoléon des SaintesGuadelupe
Grande Arche de la DefenseFrance
Houtribdijk (Dam)Netherlands
Ile ViergeFrance
La Cavelle LighthouseMartinique
La JumentFrance
Maine-Montparnasse TowerFrance
Maasvlakte LightNetherlands
Millau ViaductFrance
Mont AiguilleFrance
Musée Draï EechelenLuxembourg
Museum aan de Stroom (Antwerp)Belgium
Palace of FontainebleauFrance
Palais de Justice AntwerpBelgium
Palais des FestivalsFrance
Palais des PaperFrance
Panorama of the Battle WaterlooBelgium
Perret TowerFrance
Phare d’EckmühlFrance
Phare de GattevilleFrance
Phare du Cap FerretFrance
Pic du Midi de Bigorre ObservatoryFrance
Place de la ConcordeFrance
Place StanislasFrance
Planier LightFrance
Pointe aux Canons LighthouseSainte Pierre
Provinciaal HofBelgium
Rham-Plateau (multiple things!)Luxembourg
Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam)Netherlands
Roches-Douvres LightFrance
Royal Palace (Amsterdam)Netherlands
Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-SenansFrance
Vianden CastleLuxembourg
Windmills at KinderdijkNetherlands
Allianz RivieraFrance
d’Coque Sport CenterLuxembourg
De Grolsch VesteNetherlands
Johan Cruyff ArenaNetherlands
King Baudouin StadumBelgium
Nouveau Stade de BordeauxFrance
Parc de PrincesFrance
Parc Olympique LyonnaisFrance
Philips StadionNetherlands
Stade de FranceFrance
Stade de la BeaujoireFrance
Stade Geoffroy-GuichardFrance
Stade Jean-BouinFrance
Stade Pieree-MauroyFrance
Stade VélodromeFrance
Stadium de ToulouseFrance
Adolphe BridgeLuxembourg
Palais de Justice- BrusselsBelgium
Society General ComplexFrance
Tour FirstFrance
Tour D2France
Coeur DefenseFrance
Tour MajungaFrance
Tour TotalFrance
Tour Carpe DiemFrance
metallic tower of fourvièreFrance

There are also 3 new handcrafted and detailed airports to enjoy:

  • Megève Airport (LFHM)
  • Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (LFMN)
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport (EHRD)

Other updates

There are several other updates contained within including fixes and enhancements to watermasking in the new locations, a new S7 livery for the A320neo, a KLM livery for the Dreamliner, tree rendering on smaller tree sizes has been fixed, and more.

Check out the full patch notes here.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Simfan says:

    This is really incredible !
    I have been to many of those places.
    Paris is gonna be so much fun … flying under the Eiffel tower !

    [If only Nvidia would introduce the RTX 4090 right now at less than 1000 USD prices !???]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BlueHeron says:

      Agreed. MSFS is basically refusée for me until new video cards become available. Looks spectacular, though!


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Works just fine on my 1070ti at 1080p. That one patch was really bad and I haven’t tried the latest but in between patches I was fine!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kevin Uittenhove says:

    I hope they adressed the area around Ypres, belgium. That location desperately needed some TLC


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