Asobo developing ATR 72 and Just 103 Solo for Flight Simulator, plus more!

Yesterday, Asobo Studios held their monthly Q&A on Twitch and revealed a bunch of exciting new details. Among them were work on a variety of new features, the release of the latest World Update, news of the next World Update, and the announcement of two new aircraft they are developing for the sim – the ATR 72 and the Just 103 Solo. Here’s what you need to know.

Introducing the ATR 72

Developed as part of a joint venture between French aerospace company Aérospatiale and Italian aviation conglomerate Aeritalia, the ATR 72 is a twin engine turboprop airliner aimed at the short haul market. Over 1,000 have been built since it’s introduction in 1989 and some versions are capable of landing in just 800 feet.

Asobo revealed that they are working with Aerosoft and with Hans Hartmann who previously created the ATR-72 in past flight simulators to bring the aircraft to fruition. Asobo are also partnering directly with ATR to build the aircraft and make sure they get the details right.

Although there’s no indication on what level this aircraft will be built to, it has been mentioned in the same breath as the CRJ from Aerosoft so this may aim to satisfy a similar level of modeling.

The timeframe for release is given as sometime in 2022 so I expect this will take a while to put together. Should be an interesting type to keep an eye on!

And the Just 103 Solo

The Top Rudder Just 103 Solo is an ultralight that Asobo Studios is building for Flight Simulator. They showed off a short clip of it during a their Q&A session and explained that the engine is something new that they haven’t modeled before so it’s addition to the sim should help add detail and improve other ultralights as well.

The aircraft is going to be put into the Marketplace for $9.99 USD so it should be a relatively inexpensive purchase. The aircraft is extremely minimalististic with the pilot essentially sitting in a seat attached to an engine and wings. Will be great for slow speed enjoyment of some of the sim’s beautiful scenery.

World Update 5

France & Benelux just released but the next World Update is already underway with new airports and upgraded scenery planned for a range of new countries. The Nordic countries are coming next with Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland getting the next round of upgrades.

Expect the usual long list of POI’s that will be added to the collection and upgrades to the nearby terrain. The team specifically mentioned that they were working to ensure that the Fjord’s were particularly impressive looking so I’m interested to see that.

Aerodynamics and modeling updates

Sim Update 4 is on its way and Asobo also detailed some of the work they are doing there. The relationship between propeller pitch and drag on the turboprop engines has been given a once or twice over and is now supposed to be much more accurate. They are also working on rudder physics and showed a video with a Cessna 172 with hard left and right rudder versus the sim. Currently the rudder physics are one of the weaker points in the flight modeling and so this should be a good update.

Asobo indicates that 7 aircraft have already received the necessary updates on their developer builds and I assume the rest will be complete for launch.

Watch the Q&A

Watch the latest Q&A from Asobo Studio on for all of this and more!

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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    RUDDER fixes!?! HALLELUJAH!!!!
    Definitely has been one of the biggest turn-offs for me whenever I fly MSFS. Breaks immersion right at takeoff – a bad time for that to happen.

    Being an avid fan of the TBM, i’m so glad they’ve finally improved the turboprop issues!

    Stoked to hear about the ATR – will be great if it’s similar fidelity to CRJ. Though I believe we’ll have the Aerosoft Twin Otter sometime this year, so that’ll be a nice appetizer until the ATR is ready.

    p.s.: I wish Eagle Dynamics would communicate in similar ways/frequency as Asobo. I know they’re gun shy, but it’d be a net bonus for everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reinhard Eichler says:

    I’ve just seen a Fiat G91 from Sim Skunk Works in the marketplace. Do you know about it and plan on making an article about her? If she is any good ppl should know about her, especially as this blog is Combataircraft orientated 🙂


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Reinhard,

      I am aware of the aircraft but I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet. There’s a lot going on these days and not enough time to check into all of it. But I am interested for sure!


      1. Reinhard Eichler says:

        Allright, BUT you should definitely mention that if you buy it through the ingame marketplace it comes without any weapons (seems to be Microsoft policy) so only after buying it from a thridpartystore you can equip droptanks and weapons. (at least i did not find the loadoutmanager, even so i googeled quite a bit)


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