Desert Wings Tobruk updates to 5.019

Team Fusion Simulations has updated IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk up to version 5.019 and with it comes a variety of changes and new content for virtual pilots to enjoy including revised ammunition loadouts, updated physics, and more.

Plenty of updates

Among the changes for 5.019 are some adjustments to the way that the sim handles their engine physics. The patch note indicates that they are now better simulating the use of higher than the normal rated RPM’s on power generation and that the change applies to all aircraft. What the practical applications are or how they will be felt while flying around should be interesting.

Ammunition types were updated and corrected including a fix for the MK101 on the Bf110C-6, and “Minengeschoss” ammunition type added also to the Bf110C-6.

A new mission, “Aerial Crusade” has been added with five different playable flights in the mission. Additionally, several other missions have seen a variety of changes from different aircraft types added to grammar and briefing updates. Several missions,  “Attack of the Eagles”, “Corpo Aereo Italiano”, “Corpo Aereo Italiano II”, “Dusk Raid”, “The Kanalkampf”, and “No Respite,” now better reflect the ability of radar to direct interceptions making it a bit easier for the defending fighters to zero in on the incoming raids.

There are also new ace skins and a variety of skins have seen visual updates to improve their look.

Check out the whole range of notes here on the Steam Store update.

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  1. Novice-Flyer says:

    Good to see their dedication to this game with these patches.

    In the coming weeks there will be an announcement on where Team Fusion goes to next. A recent post indicated that there will be more than 1 map in the next installment. Along with the main map (which pretty much everyone believes is Malta), there’s been talk about a Bay of Biscay map, extension of the Tobruk map — El Alamein; really hope for an Operation Torch map.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I missed that note so that’s good intel there Novice-Flyer. Interested to see where they go next!


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