Sturmovikfest Day Two!

Day one started off with a blast of events all across the community. Thanks to everyone who participated, contributed, and was otherwise cheering the start of the festivities on. IL-2’s multiplayer servers have never been busier! Today we have an interesting new server and event to check out that you’re going to want to hear about. Let’s check it out.

The newest server on the block

Air Attack Tactical Combat server is the newest IL-2 server on the block and they are bringing their own unique combination of features to the forefront with the launch of their new server during the festival.

The AATC server is setup with a dynamic scenario that evolves as it’s played. The frontline moves back and forth across the map in real time as scenario objectives are completed. Those objectives include destroying targets, dropping paratroopers, and, of course, defending your own territory as well.

We’ve seen many moving frontline setups over the many years that IL-2 has had a multiplayer presence but rarely if ever have we seen one move across the map in real time without some sort of reload. It should be interesting to see this in action and tonight… you can! At 2100 EDT and 1800 PDT, the folks at AATC will be hosting a server event. You can sign-up for it here. Check out their Discord here. Or watch the video below to get a small taste of what their new setup is like.

Sturmovikfest continues through the week so look out for more updates and more events every day between now and Sunday May 2nd!

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