Carenado says PA-34 Seneca for MSFS release imminent

Another Piper aircraft is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator from prolific aircraft maker Carenado. This time it’s the PA-34T Seneca V and after releasing several dozen screenshots over the last several days has said that release is coming very soon. Here’s what we know!

Seneca V for MSFS

With a top speed of 204 kts at 23,000 feet, the PA-34T Seneca V is a bit of a higher performer than some of the other recently released aircraft. It’s twin Continental TSIO-360-RB engines are turbocharged and give the aircraft good altitude performance and should make for yet another good touring aircraft for the sim.

One of the updates also mentions a new weather radar system for the aircraft although it’s not clear what was new about it.

Carenado has also released dozens of screenshots to show off the nearly ready for release aircraft including these that I’ve put below. For the rest and for more information, visit the Carenado Facebook page.

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  1. Jonathon Coughlin says:

    Carenado make some absolutely gorgeous modules.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      They really do! The quality of visual is impressive!


  2. PHANTOM1 says:

    Certainly looks the part yes! If only looks could kill, she’d be a great sniper that’s for sure! Only misgiving is that it still uses the old 530 nav system – a bit meh imo. Guess I’d just prefer to go either all steam gauges or G1000/3000, not the rather compromised 500 series on a “daily driver”. Maybe a WT makeover, hint-hint? Twin conti’s and slightly faster than a G58 are great though, so it is worth a closer look at least. Oh, and Asobo should fix the fuel consumption on that anyway – seems to sip like it’s on one engine, not both (could be in the laundry list though, haven’t checked recently).


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