Sturmovikfest day three and a recap of day two

It’s day three of Sturmovikfest as the festival continues on through to next weekend. The festival always has a bit of a lull through the week but there are still opportunities to check out new things through the week. Here’s what’s happening as well as a recap of yesterday.

Advance and Secure and then on to Combat Box

There’s two events on the schedule today. First, the new Advance and Secure Server is hosting their first Sturmovikfest event. This tank and aircraft server is relatively new to the scene and promises a combined arms experience. I’m looking forward to checking that out.

The event will start at 1700 GMT which is 1300 EDT, and 1000 PDT.

Tonight, we have a regular fly-in on Combat Box starting at 1900 GMT and again at 1900 EDT to capture some of the different time zones. Of course other servers will be up and running too! Check out

Yesterday’s event on Air Attack Tactical Combat server

Last night I got a chance to fly-in with a couple dozen community members on the brand new Air Attack Tactical Combat server. This server has just launched as the festival was kicking off and the organizers of the server were keen to show off their hard work on the new server.

AATC is unique in that the server runs a moving frontline across a stretch of an IL-2 map. Each team has a forward airbase and a rear airbase with a couple of objectives that need to be attacked or defended. The server progresses in phases as each team attacks the forward objectives first opening the door to an assault on the enemy base and then finally, paratroopers are dropped to capture the base. After that, the frontline moves and the battle continues until one team is pushed all the way across the map.

The map showing the Axis side pushing forward as the Allies fall back and the frontline moves. It happens quickly on this server!

The frontline moves dynamically as the battle progresses without a server or mission restart and the constrained nature of the setup combined with relaxed settings and enhanced aircraft visibility ensures that the action is short and sharp.

For the event they were using the Stalingrad map but it I could see their format working across multiple different maps later on.

Air Attack Tactical Combat uses more relaxed settings than some of the other servers out there and appears to emphasize a faster gameplay style. There’s a wide variety of Axis vs Allies aircraft setup so you can pick your favourite aircraft and just go for it. For those looking for something that caters to that kind of experience, AATC just might be the server you’ll want to play on with both team oriented objectives but also quick action dog fighting.

Other recaps and content

JanesPlanesandTrains is back again with another Sturmovikfest episode focused on the co-op experience. Episode 3 is titled ‘Aim Lower!” and features some more hi-jinx in the IL-2.

MadRigo recorded part of the mass formation even on Sunday with a video titled ‘My first time online in IL-2’ and it offers a unique perspective on the event through the eyes of a newer pilot. The video captures some of the later efforts to keep the formation together although by this point we had been flying for 30-minutes and concentration was starting to fade. Still great to see!

UPDATE: TopDogs also has a 2v2 video recap showing off one of the dogfight events that happened on Saturday. Have a look!

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