Asobo releases Solo 103 ultralight to the MSFS marketplace

Announced just a few weeks ago, Asobo Studios is bringing their first new aircraft to the marketplace for Microsoft Flight Simulator and it’s a ‘first of its kind’ moment that introduces an ultra-light aircraft to the sim. Here’s what you need to know!

Top Rudder Solo 103

Weighing just 254 pounds, the Top Rudder Solo 103 is a FAA-classified ultralight aircraft and Asobo Studios has chosen it to be the first ultralight for the sim as well as their first aircraft released by the studio since the launch of the sim back in 2020.

The Solo 103 was announced just a few weeks ago at the last developer Q&A. Asobo were keen to mention that their efforts to bring the aircraft into the sim were also allowing them to bring a new engine type to the mix with the Polini THOR 250 DS two stroke being unique among the types currently available.

The Solo 103 also seems to be an opportunity for Asobo to bolster their SDK and ensure that other third parties can also develop ultralight aircraft. Expect more ultralights to come in the wake of this first one.

Check out the trailer! If the Top Rudder Solo 103 appeals to you, it can be purchased in the MSFS Marketplace for $9.99 USD.

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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Many moons ago, I watched a National Geographic special on African Elephants. They used a Drifter ultralight to hop-scotch ahead of the elephants to each watering hole. Even back then, I was stunned by the nearly unobstructed view that the pusher-engine configuration offered – basically just the stick and rudders mounted to a boom between your legs.

    The default Aerolit ultralight in X-Plane is really close to that.

    I’d almost kill for either one in MSFS in VR 🙂

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  2. Novice-Flyer says:

    Hope you had a stunning experience flying over a 12,000+ old necropolis.

    And yes, it is 12,000 years old, not 4,500.

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