Sturmovikfest day four and day three recap

Hope everyone is enjoying the festival so far. Yesterday we had a great time on the tank oriented Advance and Secure server and I have a short recap of how that went below plus the highlights of the next few days. Let’s have a look!

Coming right up

Today is a quieter one on the schedule but things will begin to ramp up at the end of the week. Tonight the fly-in is planned for Finnish Virtual Pilots.

This server has been popular since last year and is a great example of running a long-form moving frontline server where each action to further the moving of the frontline helps your team. Overall battles can transpire over days and weeks in some cases. Transport pilots are also essential for bringing in more aircraft to forward bases and to drop supplies at tank positions. This server has also ensured that tanks are a key part of the battle too. If you’ve never checked it out, this week and tonight should be a great time!

Advance and Secure

Yesterday about 30+ players packed the Advance and Secure server for some tank and aircraft fun. The server is focused on tank battles with relatively short travel times and intense tank combat. The scenario on the server at the time was set on the Rhineland map in a valley town flanked by tall hills on either side.

The objective in this server is to advance, secure the control point/flag, and then advance some more. Each time you advance, new spawn points open up and each time you retreat you have to move back to previous spawn points. The system ensures that you’re in frequent contact with enemy tanks and I had several cat and mouse games played between buildings. Good fun! There are also aircraft which can attack strategic objectives (preventing the enemy team from deploying the heaviest of tanks) and directly affect the battlefield.

For the second part of the battle, I switched to the new GAZ-MM 72-K AA truck and fought off some attacking aircraft. I even scored a crippling blow against a Ju87 (equipped with 37mm gunpods) causing the aircraft to light on fire.

If you’re looking for Tank Crew battles, Advance and Secure is another solid choice and the only server that I know of right now that is focused on that type of combat.

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