Day seven of Sturmovikfest!

Greetings everyone! We’re coming into the tail end of Sturmovikfest. I hope everyone has had a chance to participate with some of the events going on or follow some of the streamers and content creators that have been putting out content. With just two days left there’s a few events going on that you might want to know about.

Second to last day

First, if you’re interested in doing some tanking today, the Regiment = 13HVO = (Russian) Tank Crew Meet-up is happening today on the Finnish Virtual Pilots server. The group didn’t send me a ton of information but I assume they will be meeting up on the server.

Next, if you missed Friday Night Flight’s last night, there’s an encore going on today with the same mission.

Then, the new Air Attack Tactical Combat server is having another festival fly-in on their server at 2100 GMT. AATC is brand new and features a real time moving frontline and fast paced combat gameplay. It has some relaxed settings so newer players may find this setup very fun to take part in. Check out the sign-up here.

Meanwhile, yesterday I was able to take part in some very fun events. I haven’t had a chance to recap but I will soon!


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