DCS, IL-2 and Flight Simulator all patched today

It’s patch Wednesday apparently as DCS World, IL-2: Great Battles and Microsoft Flight Simulator have all seen patches come out to fix bugs and provide general improvements to each sim. Here are some key takeaways from each patch.

DCS World 2.7

A new patch for DCS World Open Beta 2.7 is out and there are hundreds of items on the update list. Modules from the AV-8B and M2000C to the JF-17, C101 and more have all received updates. Many of the fixes involve crash fixes and various solutions to problems so I suspect that this update should improve the stability of DCS World 2.7.

Other notable fixes include fixing the F-16C bug where firing a wingtip AMRAAM would rip the wing off (I saw a video of that and it was both funny and surely annoying to the person who fired the missile). The JF-17 has fixed the much slower TDC movement issue. Even the MiG-15bis got a bit of attention with some fixes to the canopy reflections.

Check out the full list here.

IL-2 4.601b hotfix in place

I don’t often report on IL-2 hotfixes but this one you may want to check out because it fixes a few problems that cropped up in the last update and it also adds new content – 4K skins for the Yak-7B!

The Mustang’s canopy glass issue being more opaque than it should be has been fixed, the 13mm machine guns on the Bf109G-6 Late now has both AP and HE rounds again and some other general fixes for P-51 and MC.202 skins are now in.

And of course the Yak-7B now has 4K exterior textures thanks to Martin =ICDP= Catney. Awesome! I will be checking those new skins out and showing them off soon.

Patch notes for the hotfix are available here.

Flight Simulator makes some fixes

Just two items are on a relatively small patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator but they are consequential fixes. The first one fixes framerate stuttering when custom liveries are being used in multiplayer. The second is an improvement that updates the accuracy of the global live weather system. That’s an issue that has plagued the title since release so that should be interesting to check out!

Read the short patch notes release here.

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    There was a nice improvement to the Harrier; firing the guns or rockets marks the target on the HUD for a second pass. It’s a small change but a good one.

    Hope we’ll see a HMCS in the Harrier one day. That will be the cat’s azz!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. hypertexthero says:

    Good timing for the MSFS custom livery stutter patch as I first heard about the problem during a multiplayer stream yesterday 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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