IL-2 celebrates ‘Victory Day’ with golden IL-2

The developers of IL-2 Great Battles have programmed in some “Easter Eggs” in the IL-2 hangar screen and the newest one to get our attention is the Victory Day celebration of the end of World War II with a golden IL-2 model on a pedestal on display. Check it out!

Golden IL-2

Victory Day in Russia is celebrated on the 9th of May. It help marks the end of World War II and with the IL-2 series being so firmly rooted in that conflict, it seems logical for the series to have some special appreciation for the end of that world changing event.

The model of an IL-2 appears to be cast in gold, mounted on a pedestal, and highlighted by a nearby light. It even has some fancy red drapes for added effect. Nice!

Check it out below or load up IL-2 and see for yourself!

This is similar to some other celebrations we’ve seen show up in the hangar including a Christmas Tree, a Russian rocket celebrating Cosmonaut and an American rocket celebrating the Apollo 11 moon landing.

You may also notice that the Yak-7B is sporting a new livery. Included as part of the 4K skin upgrade, this ‘White 21’ marked Yak-7B has a mid-late war Russian grey scheme and a red nose. It looks great and I’m going to have to do some flying with the Yak-7B now!


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  1. MADOV says:

    I think you’ll find that Victory Day in Russia is the 9th of May.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks Madov! You’re absolutely right. I searched for the correct answer and was apparently lead astray. I’ve rechecked and updated the article.

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