Flight Simulator Update IV coming next week

A quick update on the status of Microsoft Flight Simulator was provided to us yesterday from the official MSFS website. We have confirmation that the update is coming next week and no doubt promises a series of updates to the sim. Let’s have a quick look at what we know together with the latest information from the roadmap.

Update IV

Flight Simulator has been releasing patches as big monumental updates that come a couple of months apart from each other. We’re now on the fourth such update and each one has introduced a series of fixes, improvements, new content… and caused a few headaches too both during the update process as well as with features that should work and didn’t.

Asobo this time put out a call for community testers to help identify those kinds of issues early. Nothing tests software like hundreds of users just using it the way that they do – sometimes uniquely from others. Hopefully this has resulted in a higher quality patch.

According to the latest developer diary, Sim Update IV is on the way:

Our team is finalizing Sim Update IV and is set to release next week! Thank you again to those involved in the flighting group who have helped test this update. Don’t forget, the next Dev Q&A on Twitch is on Wednesday, May 26th at 10:30 am PDT! 

May 20, 2021 Developer Update

As for what’s in the update, Asobo tends to be tight lipped up until release. We do know, however, that they have been working on improvements to the flight model, to engine modeling, and to things like how the rudder behaves on real aircraft versus those in Flight Simulator.

Issues with the flight model aside, I appreciate Asobo’s commitment to take those critiques head on and continue to refine their product. They have been transparent and responsive through many of those updates and I think it will lead to good things!

Back in January, Feature Discovery Series: Aerodynamics Part 2 detailed a lot of work that they were doing. Some of that is already in the sim now while others may still be on their way and may arrive with this next update. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Highlights of what’s next

As usual, the roadmap ahead has been released by Asobo and here’s some things that may capture your attention:

  • Update Update 4 – May 25th
  • Trailer: TBA – June 10th
  • Trailer: World Update V – June 24th
  • World Update V – June 24th

Looking forward to all of those.

For the rest, visit MicrosoftFlightSimulator.com for the latest update.

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  1. Doctor Drago says:

    I’m just hopeful this update returns the performance the last one took away from me 😉


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s odd. You shouldn’t have lost any performance in the patch.

      Did you have the windows update issue that caused performance drops in some games? IL-2 was affected.


      1. Doctor Drago says:

        No change to Il2 and no recent windows updates, what seems to be happening is Freesync no longer works for me with MSFS after I updated. Screen tearing galore now, but Vsync has never been friendly with that title on my system, so no great options currently.

        Nothing else was affected, though I haven’t had a lot of time to get super scientific with it either. I’m not too concerned, this is why one should always maintain several sims at once, so there’s something to do no matter what!

        I did treat myself to a TM Warthog for my birthday, so I’m hoping the weekend brings a chance to dig in and do some flying, maybe discover some fixes along the way! Ya never know.


      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        That’s very odd indeed.

        It is good to have other sims around for when there are issues but you shouldn’t see drastic performance differences with IL-2 patch to patch. Other sims yes because they seem to overhaul their core steams more regularly.


  2. Doctor Drago says:

    Oh, IL2 is fine, it’s Flight Simulator that’s giving me problems. It’s never performed perfectly on my system anyways, but I did figure a few tricks out a while back that really helped. Mostly I want to check out the Just 103, so I’m sure I’ll get stuck into some troubleshooting eventually. For now I’m having too much fun with IL2 and DCS to give too much thought to troubleshooting. Not the worst problem to have!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Oooooh. Yes that makes more sense now ☺️

      BTW: My Just 103 review is imminent. Maybe this weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 1_Robert says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m eagerly awaiting the MSFS update. I fly mainly slow GA VFR aircraft in the sim and as a real life pilot, I can handle fight model anomalies. What has been a major issue though in my opinion is the weathervane and ground handling characteristics in the sim. Flying low and slow GA aircraft, it’s very difficult to enjoy it with how inaccurate it is. I sure hope that gets rectified.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Happy to provide!

      Yeah there are some weak spots in the flight model for sure. Their willingness to work on things like their modelling of rudder and doing more detailed turbo prop engines suggests to me that they will solve these issues in time.


      1. 1_Robert says:

        Yes for sure, I just need to be patient and I’m confidant they will get most of it sorted eventually.

        Liked by 1 person

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