DCS: Mirage 2000C update shows new features

The DCS: M-2000C module was one of the first third party jet fighters to arrive in DCS World and it’s been through a lot of updates over the years. It’s going to be going through a few more and we have some new insights on what is planned by the RAZBAM team for the future.

Reworked logic, radar modes, new BAP-100 and more

A lot of systems are being redone for the Mirage 2000C by the RAZBAM team. Mentioned in the update is work done on fixing and improving the INS system, a re-write of the PCA weapons control panel, and reworking the VTH – air to ground symbology.

All three should improve the quality of life for Mirage 2000C pilots with the logic reworking fixing bugs and making the system more accurate to the real world Mirage. The update suggests that the PCA functionality in normal operation won’t change much but the logic behind the scenes should be much improved.

The VTH air to ground symbology update will have a bigger impact by being more accurate to where the bombs, rockets, and guns will land. New ’employment domain’ symbology has been added which will guide you to optimum flight profile for deployment.

DEC terrain avoidance mode for the Mirage is coming too. A floor mode will be set using the radar antenna elevation command which will change the symbology to show red or green to make it easier to avoid terrain.

The Mirage is also getting two new air to ground weapons. The BAP-100 is a cluster bomb munition intended for anti-runway operations. The Mk-82Air high drag bomb is also being added.

Future updates

The updates above appear intended for the next big open beta patch but the RAZBAM team have some other plans as well starting with a round of bug fixing post release. That will be followed up by work on a new air-to-air radar as well as updated air-to-air weapon symbology. After that, they intend to examine instruments and systems to fix and improve them too.

Longer term they appear to be intending to also work on the flight model, internal and external sounds, and damage model.

In short, it appears that the M2000C will be getting the attention to detail and ongoing updates to keep it relevant with the latest versions of DCS World. That’s very good news indeed.

For the full update, visit the thread here on the DCS World forums.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    I picked this plane up for $30 on sale.

    When I look at the lifespan and updates of addons in OTHER sims, it’s INSANE to see the huge amount of upgrades/updates/bug fixes, et al that we’ve all benefited from for the cost of one initial purchase.

    People think DCS World is expensive when it’s actually an excellent value.

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