FlyingIron releases substantial 1.0.2 Spitfire IX update for MSFS

Fans of flying warbirds in Microsoft Flight Simulator should take note as FlyingIron Simulations has updated their Spitfire IX to version 1.0.2. Here’s what you can expect with the new update.

Substantial updates

When I wrote substantial in the headline, I meant it. There’s some significant under the hood reworking going on to make the Spitfire IX from FlyingIron Simulations substantially better. To be clear, when I reviewed it back in March, there were some weak areas but I found it to be a very good module overall. That FlyingIron continue to support updates for it makes me very pleased!

These are the key highlights from the changelog have been updated:

  • Modern Radio & Transponder unit added
  • Custom C++ Merlin Temperature model integrated (replaces default MSFS thermodynamics system)
  • Fuel system overhauled + External Tank integrated
  • Engine failures revised, overheat failures improved. The engine must now be flown inside real-world operating limits or it will very likely fail
  • The flight model has been overhauled and improved, with many small corrections adding up to make for a significantly more realistic experience

And that’s just some of the key highlights. One of the biggest issues with the release version was the lack of any sort of engine modeling for overheat or for running outside of limits. I often did anyways but there was no penalty for flying it at the maximum available throttle. That all changes with this update and that’s a big deal for realism.

That they have made several dozen other smaller updates from sound to flight model to tweaks to systems including oxygen and a new external tank option seems like a great set of updates to me.

If you bought it from the website directly, you should now have an e-mail indicating how you can get the update. If you purchased it from the marketplace store, FlyingIron has indicated that they will be submitting it there as well and the update should hopefully be up there soon too.

For the full list of updates, visit FlyingIron Simulations website to see the change log.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    GREAT addon! I was a bit concerned

    Wonder how the just-released MSFS aero update will affect this build – many changes including induced drag, prop drag, flaps, rudder, etc.

    Just downloaded the fresh build yesterday (there was a SECOND update pushed yesterday, too), so haven’t had a chance to fly it yet…


  2. Thomas Perkins says:

    After the update the Spitfire is significantly easier to control on the ground after the touchdown. Previously, I could make a near perfect landing every time but would always lose control after touch down and spin out and/or flip over. It works for me.

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  3. Paul Brown says:

    You indicate that avoiding the overheating issue requires flying “within real world limits,” which I understand to mean (from other sources) keeping the RPM below 2500 rpm or so. But that means setting my throttle at about 5% and flying around 150 knots, which is WAY below the normal cruising speed of 211 knots. As soon as I go above this I start to get an overheated engine. Any suggestions?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Are you adjusting the radiator controls on the right side of the cockpit to open up the controls?

      Also you mention the throttle and the RPM but the throttle is primarily adjusting the manifold pressure. Try and keep that in the green arc on the instrumentation most of the time. The RPM is controlled by the propeller RPM control next to the throttle. Both have to be operated independently for smooth operations.


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