JustFlight’s PA-28 Turbo Arrow III/IV coming very soon

An update from JustFlight today on their Facebook page and on their website has indicated that the wait for the PA-28 Turbo Arrow III/IV won’t be long. The aircraft is a follow-up to their PA-28 Arrow III project already available in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some content creators already have an early access version of the aircraft available to so here are some details about the aircraft and a round-up with some of the latest content for your viewing enjoyment.

The Piper Arrow… now turbocharged!

JustFlight looks to be set to take the wrapper off their new PA-28 Turbo Arrow project. This is what you can expect.

There are some key differences between this aircraft and the already released PA-28 Arrow III. This is a Arrow III and IV release with the conventional and t-tail configurations so you can customize your experience a little bit more with this release. The aircraft of course comes with a turbocharged engine which will give it much improved altitude performance over the naturally aspirated version.

There are other features included such as modeled such as a more sophisticated engine management scheme. Running the engine at it’s maximum for too long or abusing it during start-up and shut-down will result in various engine failures including spark plug fouling, limited battery life, and vapour lock. The turbo can also fail from overboosting it.

The aircraft will come with selectable avionics including GPS 100, GNS 430/GNS 530 and GTN 750. That last one requires a freeware PMS-50 GTN 750 mod.

Although the aircraft has been modeled on just one specific Arrow to get the dirt and scratches just right, there will be five different schemes available.

The full specs sheet is available here on the JustFlight website. Pricing will be coming in at $44.95 USD although owners of the already released PA-28 Arrow will be getting a significant discount.

See it in action

Several YouTube content creators have early access to a beta version of the Turbo Arrow and have created videos so you can see it in action. Here are a selection of three that you may want to watch.

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