Dual Matt Wagner tutorials cover new DCS: Mi-24 and F-16 features

We’ve got two new tutorial videos from Eagle Dynamics Matt Wagner. The latest videos are tutorials on how to operate unguided weapons on the Mi-24 and a new tutorial on how to use the JDAM on the F-16. We also get a mini-status update from Matt on the F-16 so it’s worth watching for that alone. Let’s check in!

Unguided weapons for Mi-24

Although the DCS: Mi-24P will be coming with guided weapon types as well, many of its systems are unguided and in this new tutorial video, Matt Wagner walks us through some of the key methods to employ the 30mm cannon, S-5 and S-8 rockets, and the GUV machine gun pods. The aiming is done on the ASP-17 gunsight which has a continuously computed impact point feature which helps aim the weapons with a fair degree of precision.

The video also shows off a Ukranian skin for the Mi-24 and Matt reveals that Iraqi and Syrian skins are on the way too.

JDAM for F-16 tutorial

We know from yesterday’s update that the F-16C for DCS World is getting some updates. In the latest video, Matt Wagner shows off the HAF skin fo the F-16 as well as a brief look at the new Cyprus addition to the DCS: Syria map. GBU-38’s are the subject matter for the video but the other available JDAM types will operate in the same way.

Enroute to the target, Matt talks about the latest efforts on the F-16 and news that the Hornet team is wrapping up some final items while a number of people working on Hornet have now moved over to the Viper. That should speed up development! Matt reports that bugs and multiple available features will be filled out first before new systems are added noting that a solid foundation is important. We also know that the JDAM will be followed up by the JSOW.

In the meantime, here’s the new video on how to make use of the JDAM.


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  1. Ken-Dagfinn Rian says:

    That Hind is looking more and more enticing. Going to use that 14 day trial for sure!

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