New ‘Clash of Eagles’ server for IL-2 looking for community to test

New server has emerged on the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles scene as multiplayer for that series continues to grow. Two WB-Clash of Eagles servers have just been launched and the team behind it is putting out a call for help testing the new setup. Here are a few details you may want to know about the new server.

What is WB-Clash of Eagles about?

The new servers, created by virtual squadron 1st.ROF Netherlands, feature both relaxed and expert level settings with the same essential goal on both – capture the enemy’s airfields and move your way across the map.

WB-Clash of Eagles is the second server I’ve run across that will feature a dynamic moving frontline (with the Air Attack Tactical Combat being the first) that moves as the round continues on and where airbases will change hands dynamically. It amps up the level of chaos on the server and should provide for some tense moments.

Each airbase has a number of hardened targets. Destroy these and the field will be ripe for the taking. Paratroopers dropped on the field will then enable it to change hands.

It’s an interesting concept and one that will increasingly favour teamwork as well as ensuring that transport pilots have a dedicated role to play on the server alongside bombers, fighters, and attack planes.

Concept and execution

Described above is the basic concept but now they need to test it in action. An open beta is now running and the community is invited to jump in and try it out. The server also has SRS support so be sure to load that up and give that a try too.

The server’s new website features details about the rolling aircraft set, the concept, rules, and charts for each of the airbases that can be captured. Check out WB-Clash of Eagles online here and visit their Facebook page here.

I look forward to trying it out soon!


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  1. This looks interesting enough for me to maybe take a peek. Having not played MP IL-2 since the Hyperlobby days, I’m out of practice and undoubtedly have far too many A.I. induced bad habits so a server that isn’t as hard core but still against humans sounds great.

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  2. milopugdog says:

    It seems like the server might be more realistic in how they work. Could be interesting for squadron play; I’m sure that guys running single-ship attacker offensive will have a hard time.

    We’ll see!


  3. Owi says:

    I might be joining at the wrong times, but I feel that lately the servers has been less populated. I see more people play but spread out on more servers. I dont want to go back to the time wings was the only one, but I wish my favourit server combatbox had more than 10 players on a weekday european evning😁


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      What times are you going on? It seems busy enough on weekday eastern North American time. Sometimes Combat Box only has a dozen and Finnish is running around 40 players but we do seem to be seeing more high quality servers and players spreading out a bit.

      That’s part of the series growth and I think we’ll see things fill up on a regular basis more frequently.

      There may also be the re-opening effect as lockdowns ease and the summer weather is on us.

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      1. Owi says:

        You are probably right. Im mostly on early in the afternoon europe time. Finish and wings usually fills 30-40 rest is empty, I dont complain, there is sure more people now than 2-3 years ago. 😁

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  4. This looks interesting and I will come by and try it.

    The main thing I miss from the “full real” settings servers are outside views that I enjoy using so much especially when streaming.

    If they’d enable outside views on Finnish or Combat Box I’d fly there often!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I don’t think you’ll get many takers on external views. That’s part of the “full real” experience that a lot of players are looking for.

      Track recordings let you get some nice outside views though!

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      1. I hear you on the “full real” settings, but in the “icons on” main lobby I think outside views would fit.

        Part of the fun of flying these digital aeroplanes is seeing them from an outside view, and even in the full-real PvP servers I don’t think the outside views give people as much of an advantage as they think!

        Personally I love external views and would enjoy having the option for added visual variety and a cinematic quality to the gameplay.

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