PMDG announce DC-6 release date for MSFS

PMDG is one of the better known airliner makers for FSX and X-Plane and any time they announce a product or a release, it’s big news and this one is relatively big. PMDG have announced the date of their DC-6 airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator and it’s soon! Here’s what we know!

Coming June 18!

Robert Randazzo from PMDG made the announcement today that they would be releasing the DC-6 this Friday on their website. This radial engined airliner is, according to PDMG, a ground up build of an aircraft they have built for previous simulators.

PMDG have a lot of nice things to say about the new Microsoft Flight Simulator with Robert Randazzo writing in the announcement,

Throwing superlatives around is an easy thing to do when you are working with a new generation of simulation platform that is as visually stunning as thew new Microsoft Flight Simulator. We tend to shy away from such behavior when showing a soon-to-be released product, but in this case it is hard to avoid. MSFS is a modern engine that does a magnificent job of capturing the beauty of the DC-6, allowing us to turn out a highly detailed, robust simulation of one of the world’s great, classic airliners.

Robert Randazzo from PMDG

That certainly sounds like they had a good time with their development and that the product is hopefully at a level that PDMG is known for. That is, a “study level” simulation of this historic airliner.

In-case there are questions about the fidelity or about how to actually fly the thing, PDMG have released several detailed tutorial videos such as this one which details how to start the engines. The details go beyond just how to push the buttons and get into the nitty gritty of operating a four engine radial powered airliner. It’s interesting stuff.

Pricing has not yet been announced and the exact timing is not yet known either. Look to PMDG’s website on Friday for the release.


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  1. Redglyph says:

    Wow, I’d be very, very cautious here. I made the mistake of buying their DC-6 for X-Plane and they never finished the product. Moreover, it quickly became obsolescent because it was made for X-Plane 10 at the end of its life, and never updated for X-Plane 11.

    I see it’s even removed from their store page now. It was only an experiment, and they are doing it again.

    Until PMDG is really committed to delivering products for MSFS2020, and has shown they could master the new API, I wouldn’t buy anything from them. Too early.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I had heard a bit about PMDG’s halted efforts to bring some of their product line to X-Plane. I don’t know the full story there myself.

      That said, PMDG has committed to essentially building their entire product line for Microsoft Flight Simulator with multiple aircraft projects underway. The DC-6 is the first to the finish line but more are to come.

      Considering their apparently deep connections with the Asobo Team and the gargantuan size of the MSFS market, I suspect that this project has more legs than their X-Plane efforts.

      Still, caution is always advised when buying products. I do my best to catch up on things when I can. I may eventually do a review but in the meantime several others are already out.

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      1. Redglyph says:

        Maybe FSFS is less likely to change version soon, too. It must always be a delicate question for those developers who have several products: do they make the customer pay for the update or not? Usually they don’t, so they expect to have to do that at least once for “free” (meaning the original price will take it into account I suppose).

        Well, if they make it and finish the product, it’s a great module. I think they made it much better in P3D than in X-Plane; if it’s as good in FSFS as in P3D, it’s worth it.

        As you say, caution is always advised, I’m usually relying on good reviews (like yours!), but you don’t always have that luxury. You must take the risk to buy it or wait for other trusted reviewers to go first, I guess. It’s tricky 😉


  2. matt hobin says:

    released on the 18th?? nope it not in the msfs 2020 market in game for sale yet??


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      As mentioned in the article, the aircraft is on sale from the PMDG web store for $55 USD. It’s unclear if PMDG will sell on the marketplace or not.


    2. Redglyph says:

      I see it on their site at $54.99, but I’m in Europe, maybe it’s a regional restriction.


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