Flight Journal: Helicopter adventures on the Rotorheads server

A couple of weeks ago I went on the Rotorheads server together with a few others and we got to grips with a new server that, after spending only a couple of hours on, I think is really worth a look. Especially if you’ve recently gotten into helicopters and are looking for a place to expand your newfound helicopter skills. Oh… and it uses the new DCS: Syria map which is an awesome map for helicopters.

FARP Alpha to FARP Bravo

The Rotorheads server is setup with two distinct “channels” if you will. I’m oversimplifying but essentially they have two primary FARP (forward ….) areas. Alpha has targets that are easily within range after a short flight. But we decided that we’d head on over to Bravo and operate there. The way it works on this server is that you can only spawn at Alpha but after successfully landing at Bravo, you can then (for the duration of your session) respawn there.

So, we set out with two UH-1’s and myself in a Ka-50. The Ka-50 is tough competition for new favourite helicopter right now. When we flew this mission, the Mi-24 wasn’t out yet, so it was the Ka-50 for me and that was a great experience with one exception. I, in a tight turn, touched the blades and was forced to eject as the helicopter spiraled to the ground. Disaster right? Not entirely. Because that became a mission in itself and one of the UH-1’s then landed and the pilot was automatically pathed to the helicopter for pickup. Amazing.

The UH-1’s continued on and I got a new Ka-50 and headed out at high speed. The Ka-50 is a fast helicopter and can cover the distance much more quickly than something like the UH-1 can. After delaying to pick up my downed pilot, they headed towards Bravo (and the Mediterranean coast), and I caught up to them just a few minutes after they had arrived.

Working my way down the coast

Now fully established along the western coastal region, I headed out for the FARP and started making my way south. The Huey’s had their own mission but I was here to make use of the Ka-50’s ample ground attack capabilities.

One the Huey’s gunners spotted something and using a combination of the Ka-50’s sensors, spotting, and a bit of F10 map help, I narrowed down the target. An APC located in a town on the coast.

I’m still perfecting my hovering abilities in the Ka-50 but it does have an autopilot system for that and before too long I had a decent hover going although in retrospect I was a little too exposed.

Slewing the Ka-50’s camera system onto the target, I locked and fired a Vikhr missile. Boom. Target destroyed and all while staying well outside of the effective engagement range of the target. This is something the Ka-50 excels at and a reason why I’ve grown to like this helicopter so much.

More vehicles appeared nearby and I used a combination of Vikhr’s and the helicopters 30mm cannon to engage them. Each time the enemy went down. Other attack helicopters began mopping up the scene although not before we spotted some anti-ship missile launchers which had just begun to fire on the USS Tarawa. Soon those were destroyed as well.

Unfortunately, I had worn out my welcome and an infantry unit lobbed a sneaky IGLA missile at me. My helicopter crashed in a ball of fire and I ejected.

The mission was over for now but I have to say that this was a fun experience. I look forward to going on this server again both with the Ka-50 as well as with the Mi-24 and other helicopters.



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  1. butcher75 says:

    Sounds great.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Definitely a good time and a server worth checking out!


  2. CanadaOne says:

    Good stuff, sounds like fun.

    The Hind is a lot of fun, but the Ka-50 still feels like home. Really looking forward to the BS3.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I hear you on that. I’m loving the Hind but the Ka-50 just feels so capable. 2021 is turning out to be a great year for helicopter fans!


      1. CanadaOne says:

        The Ka-50 has 2x Kh-25s. That’s just delicious. I think there is a mod for 4, but maybe it’s good to stay stock. Also, the 4x S13 pods is my basic loadout. Hind doesn’t have that.

        Off to work, and it’s too damn hot.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Now there’s a weapon that I haven’t tried yet.


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