X-Plane teases new fleet for next generation

Typically, it’s the third party developers that have breathed life into X-Plane’s aircraft line-up adding innumerable options including some very high quality and high profile types. That said, there is a place and a role for built in aircraft and we have our first tease for the next generation of X-Plane and what will be included as a flyable. Let’s check it out!

New aircraft, next gen lighting

A new trailer is out titled “Fleet Preview One” and it gives us a pretty good look at the first new and seemingly confirmed aircraft for X-Plane’s next generation. The Airbus A330 looks to be one of presumably several aircraft included as part of the default package.

It’ll be interesting to see what level Laminar take this aircraft to. Traditionally, aircraft like the 737-800 included with X-Plane have been relatively basic and its been third parties that have taken and expanded them (such as the ZiboMod for the 737). That said, providing an airliner in the base product has a couple of useful roles from ensuring that the software has a testbed to work with for larger aircraft to helping build a foundation for avionics systems such as an FMC. These avionics tend to find their way into plenty of third party products so there is undoubtedly some usefulness here.

We’ve also seen a Cirrus SR22 in the prior video so it seems that we may be up to two aircraft confirmed. A Cirrus SR22 was also added to X-Plane mobile so that may be helping to pave the way for this one.

Here are some screenshots from the trailer so you can have a closer look at some of the details.

Stay tuned for more!


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