MSFS ‘Why I fly’ videos plus flying hospital partner video

A few new videos have emerged over the last several days from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team showing off some interesting content that you might be interested in. The ‘Why I fly’ videos are interviews with real pilots. A new partnership video has also emerged talking about a flying hospital that aims to help improve vision in places where no hospitals or medical procedures are available. Let’s have a look.

Why I fly

The Microsoft marketing team have created three fun and inspiring videos out ahead of the Xbox launch for the sim on July 27th.

The first one out of the gate was Shinji Maeda. Some of you know him and some of you don’t but for those who don’t, Shinji is a one eyed pilot from Japan who had to overcome a serious car accident and many barriers to get to where he is now.

Squirrel is a content creator on YouTube who is also a real pilot and he is another ‘Why I fly’ spokesperson. His YouTube channel has plenty of sim related content and he makes use of Flight Simulator as a learning tool and as a way to explore a destination before he flies there in real life. Interesting!

Finally, Pilot Emilie is well known on YouTube and is both real world pilot and virtual instructor. Her videos cover a lot of interesting details about real world and virtual flying and her whole channel is worth checking out.

Flying Eye Hospital

Microsoft’s next Partnership Series is a bit different than the typical video that we get in this area. Their partnership with Orbis International brings some content into the sim in an interesting way. They have added a ground only MD-10 that you can go inside and explore to check out the facilities that the aircraft has onboard.

Their specially modified MD-10 is a flying eye hospital that travels from airport to airport providing eye related medical services and helping to restore the sight to many. Jorg Neumann from the MSFS team noted that they wanted to find a way to support Orbis.

A few may be disappointed that this aircraft is not flyable but I think the important piece is the take away of how flying like this can have real world benefits. And a little extra bonus content available for free in the marketplace isn’t a bad thing. Check it out if you’re interested.


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