1CGS shows WIP airfields, P-51B

A new developer diary from the 1C Game Studios team is focused on the latest development efforts for IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Normandy. Today we’re getting a look at the airfields in development as well as the P-51B Mustang’s cockpit.

Work ongoing

This developer diary is a bit more behind the scenes than we sometimes see and I love this kind of thing. 1CGS is showing off what their team is doing to ensure that airfields represented in the historically themed Normandy map will have realistic and historically accurate arrangements.

These work in progress images show historical documentation laid out over the map’s terrain helping to place exactly where everything should be. Of course the rest of the map is on display as well but with generic textures for now. It’s still interesting to see this level of behind the scenes work.

Community members are already at work identifying each of the airbases.

Next up, a look at the progress being made on the P-51B/C Mustang’s cockpit. The cockpit in the earlier Mustang was quite different from that in the more familiar D model. These screenshots should show just how different it is as well as the kind of detail that’s going into it.

For these screenshots and more, you can visit the latest IL-2 developer diary!


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  1. Novice-Flyer says:

    Jason stated quite recently in regards to the abandoned Odessa map that making maps for this sim is very challenging.


    1. Det says:

      And that’s because they use Max of all things to create their terrain sets as opposed to having their own terrain development tools like ED, BI, RSI, Source, or the myriad of others dev’s out there.

      I’m sure it also doesn’t help that they’re using an antiquated version of Max (3DS 2012) to avoid paying annual licensing fees and are thusly missing nearly a decades worth of that platforms (Max) innovations. It’s challenging yes, but more so because they’ve backed themselves into a corner with their refusal to upgrade.


  2. Blue 5 says:

    P-51C with the Malcolm canopy remains my favorite. Really looking forward to that in the next few months.

    Normandy map seems as though it will be great for generally flying as much as combat.

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