News round-up for July 17, 2021

Here are a few news story’s that have come up through the week that you may want to know about.

Red Star Simulations tests AI FM

The team at Red Star Simulations has posted a new video of the MiG-17 project they are working on. In this case they are showing off what the AI flight model it like. They have worked hard to tune it so that it behaves realistically and it looks like, from the video, that it’s been a success. Of course the exterior 3D model is also on full display and also looking good.

More Team Fusion VR upgrades

The folks at Team Fusion Simulations are showing off some more 3D work on the Spitfire cockpit to bring it up to standard in anticipation of a future VR release. When asked about timeline, Team Fusion was not able to provide too many details but suggested that VR would likely come before their TrueSky weather and cloud system is updated. Read more on their Facebook page.

IndiaFoxtEcho holding updates until Sim Update V

The folks at IndiaFoxtEcho are holding off on any new updates for their already released aircraft, the Long-EZ, MB-339 and T-45C until after the next big Sim Update which is coming in just over a week.

Meanwhile, development on three new aircraft also continues. The Su-31 (pictured above), is currently in testing and the team is considering a more detailed rendition of the aircraft. They have also been working on the M-346 trainer and the F-35. Their F-35 testing has revealed that initial STOVL tests worked well.

DCS part of the Virtual Air Tattoo

The Royal International Air Tattoo is hosting the virtual version of their airshow this weekend with the show already live. Watch it on YouTube!

New MSFS ‘Why I Fly’

There’s a new ‘Why I Fly’ video featuring Acepilot2k7 talking about doing some hurricane hunting in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s a showcase of the sim’s live weather system.

Of course I did my own hurricane hunting last year with Hurricane Laura and will probably give that a try again this year too.


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