MSFS Orbx sale on until July 24th

If you were looking to pick-up some Orbx scenery products for Microsoft Flight Simulator over the next little while, now is a great time as they are offering 30% off many of their own catalogue plus that of some of their third party developers too.

On sale

Although none of the aircraft in their catalogue are on sale, there are quite a few options out there that are. Those sales include such diverse sceneries and products as YAYE Ayers Rock Airport (for $17.24 AUD), the Landmarks Brisbane City Pack (for $9.54 AUD), KBCE Bryce Canyon Airport (for $11.45 AUD) and EDDT Berlin-Tegel Airport (for $21.67 AUD). There’s of course many more on sale too but these might give you some ideas.

I bought KEYW Key West International Airport for $7.26 AUD this time around as I’ve wanted to fly into a more detailed representation of that airport for a while now.

Added scenery isn’t necessary for Microsoft Flight Simulator as the sim is already quite beautiful but they do add a nice custom touch to airports and specific scenery areas.

If that all sounds appealing, check out Orbx Direct and see what they have on sale. The sale ends July 24th.


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