747-200 for X-Plane 11 coming very soon!

Fans of classic airliners might want to check this one out. Announced three years ago, the Felis 747-200 for X-Plane 11 is nearly here and it comes with a really nicely done trailer and an impressive feature set for classic airliner fans.

The classic jumbojet!

With simulated P&W JT9D-7 engines, realistic passenger cabins, FMOD sounds, 4K PBR textures, and an authentic cockpit with nearly every switch modeled, it appears as if Felis’ 747-200 for X-Plane 11 ticks all of the boxes for classic airliner lovers. Far from the glass cockpit modern types, this should offer a classic experience that connects well with the heyday of the airliner.

Check out the trailer below!

The developer does have a Discord setup for the 747-200 project. Visit the developer thread on the X-Plane.org Forums here. No release date has been given aside from “a few weeks” in the description of the trailer on YouTube. No price has been announced yet either.

Also, if you’d like to see some actual operations with the jet, streamer CptCanada has done a 3-hour stream with a closed beta version.


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  1. Jonathon Coughlin says:

    Still a dream of mine to fly on a 747 someday IRL. I should book a flight…

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    1. Urgent Siesta says:

      better do it soon or you’ll have to box yourself up and go UPS!

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  2. Urgent Siesta says:

    Looks fantastic and very tempting!

    But then I think about the other two 747’s I don’t fly enough…sigh.

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  3. Toby Dziubala says:

    My dad was a check captain on one of these for Flying Tigers. I spent a chunk of my youth in the sim at LAX. This is gonna bring out some strong emotions. Lost him last year to Alzheimer’s. Guess what I’m trying to say is thanks for making this…. helps keep the memories alive.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey Toby. Thanks for sharing your story. It is great to be able to connect to family members through these recreations.


  4. Steven-Theodor Akdogan says:

    Amazing Graphics! Now is there a release date or not? It would be really helpful to know more about this beauty!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s been out for a couple of weeks now: https://store.x-plane.org/Boeing-747-200-Classic_p_1491.html

      Not sure if I had a chance to follow-up on news that it released!


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