Orbx releases MSFS Alaska mesh

Orbx has released their third mesh product for Microsoft Flight Simulator with a focus on adding more terrain detail to Alaska.

More mesh

Alaska Mesh is the third Orbx Mesh product to come out after their free Iceland and paid New Zealand mesh products. The mesh update retains all of the same satellite imagery that is being streamed in as normal but it adds a greater level of terrain detail that make up the various shapes and undulations in the terrain. The result? Sharper peaks and more detail in the valleys.

Here are some of the features as reported by Orbx:

  • High-resolution 5m DEM data
  • Minimal performance impact
  • Compiled to reduce LOD morphing
  • Self-contained product

Orbx has released some impressive screenshots to show it all off.

NA Alaska Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available exclusively from the OrbxDirect store for $12.99 AUD (approx $9.36 USD). Check it out if you’re interested!


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