Flight sim news round-up for August 29

There’s been a bunch of smaller stories that I haven’t had a chance to write full articles about recently so instead I’m going to do another news round-up so that you know about some of the big things going on around the community. Let’s have a look!

Iris Simulations releases Tutor T.1, teases C-17

The Tutor T.1 is a favourite of the Royal Air Force flight training group according to the description of the aircraft. It’s now available to purchase from the OrbxDirect store for $28.00 AUD (about $20 USD) and will likely come to the Marketplace eventually.

Meanwhile, Iris Simulations posted an image with a squadron patch that reads “Moose Driver” and some text that reads “2022!” The image is the same one that appears to be used as an insignia for USAF C-17 pilots as seen here and seems to suggest that Iris will be working on a C-17 for MSFS over the next year and a half or more.

Learn more about what Iris Simulations is up to on their Facebook.

Eagle Dynamics release more Mosquito images

Beautiful new screenshots of the DCS: Mosquito were released earlier this past week that you may have missed. Now, you can see them in detail!

IndiaFoxtEcho busy on all fronts

Developer IndiaFoxtEcho has been busy all across their product portfolio. The Long-EZ and the MB-339 have been cleared for release on the Xbox with some minor modifications to the existing versions. Eventually both will be updated to the same standard on PC and Xbox platforms. They report that the T-45C is also in the works but has some issues with its HUD which is delaying progress.

Meanwhile, their F-35 project is moving along and has a new teaser video out with news that the project will release this fall sometime. The F-35B exterior model is now complete while the F-35A continues to be worked on. They are also still busy with avionics, the STOVL flight model, and are busy introducing a new version of USS America. HMS Queen Elizabeth and Cavour are also hoped for as aircraft carriers to operate from.

Work on the Su-31 aerobatics aircraft has been delayed due to errors with the 3D model and problems with the flight model as well.

All of this and more from IndiaFoxtEcho’s Facebook page.

iniSimulations releases A310-300 MRTT update for X-Plane 11

An expansion for iniSimulations Airbus A310 is available with the military tanker and transport variation.

HypePerformance releases H145 to early access buyers

Helicopters are still not part of the core Microsoft Flight Simuator product but several developers are pressing on with their own custom flight models and aircraft builds. Hype Performance Group has just released their H145 Luxury Variant helicopter to MSFS early access supporters. Expect this to become more widely available when the beta is complete.

Aerosoft previews effects for Twin Otter

Beautiful new effects for the Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter project are on display in this new tweet from Aerosoft. The Twin Otter project is closing in on being completed and is targeting a roughly $25 price tag. New details on release should be coming very soon!

Thrustmaster Roadmap

Something new might be coming from Thrustmaster as they have laid out a roadmap for the rest of 2021 and it includes new ‘Flying Joystick bundle for PC’ and ‘New Flying Yike system for Xbox consoles and PC’ in the list. We’re not sure if these are totally new products or some sort of repackaging but we probably won’t be waiting too long to find out.

Team Fusion Desert Wings – Tobruk patch 5.025 now live!

Desert Wings fans will be pleased to know that the latest patch is out and it comes with some notable fixes including support for up to 128 buttons per USB game controller (YES!!), more realistic RAF tactical codes, and some new single missions.

Carenado updates aircraft

Several Carenado aircraft stopped working correctly after Update 5 and issues are now being dealt with on those not already fixed. Here’s the breakdown:

  • CT182 Skylane (PC and now Xbox version)
  • PA28R Arrow III (PC and now Xbox version)
  • PA34T Seneca V (PC version and working on the Xbox version)
  • We continue working on M20R Ovation. PA44 Seminole was already submitted.

So, progress is being made and hopefully we’ll see all of that come together shortly!

Did I miss anything?

That was quite a bit as the news has been going by quickly. Have I missed something significant? Let me know in the comments!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. CanadaOne says:

    Good roundup. Would love to see some new flight gear from Thrustmaster.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      As would I! They’ve had basically the same hardware around for a while and a few things could stand to be updated. Maybe that’s what they are about to do!


  2. Urgent Siesta says:

    Carenado just showed off the Cessna 337 SkyMaster, so it’s coming “soon”!
    Will be one of the very few light GA aircraft that I add to FS2020 (have a bit of IRL stick time in one).

    MilViz ATR previews in-sim for FS2020.

    SSW F-104 StarFighter previews (VERY exciting for me)

    p.s.: I really wish the MRTT had been released last year or earlier. Woulda bought it for sure. Just can’t get jazzed for a new XP addon right now 😦


    1. CanadaOne says:

      SSW F104 Starfighter review? What? Where? When^ I must have missed it.

      That’s my plane!


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